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Luxury Holidays To India With Elegant Resorts

With a luxury Indian holiday crafted by Elegant Resorts, you can enjoy a tailor-made experience suited to your tastes in one of the most hospitable and friendly nations on Earth. India is one of our favourite destinations in the world because it offers so much to all who visit, and it’s unlike anywhere else in the world with frenetic energy, incredible historic sights and a culture so unique unto itself.

Of course, it’s the cities of India that most people know. Frantic streets filled with the noise and chaos of life can suck you in and make you fall in love as ancient fortresses juxtapose with modern skyscrapers and traditional markets line up next to towering shopping centres. If it’s luxury hotels in a metropolis that interest you, Delhi and Mumbai are a must for your trip.

Perhaps you are looking for something more coastal, after all, what’s a holiday if you can’t spend some of it on the beach? India can do that too and our top recommendations are the states of Goa and Kerala. With the Arabian Sea on your doorstep and known for their fresh, seafood cuisine, both states can offer natural landscapes whilst not meaning you have to escape civilisation altogether.

And finally, what would India be without its intricate and stunning architecture? Of course, we’d be remiss to talk about the highlights of luxury holidays in India without mentioning the Taj Mahal Palace. But, we don’t expect you to experience it like any other traveller, so why not enjoy a stay at a luxury hotel in Uttar Pradesh which overlooks the Palace and wake up to it each morning?

Or maybe the pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan is calling? With its unique architecture, which is the definition of grand, the city is one-of-a-kind and breathtaking. The rest of the region also features some of the most unforgettable private luxury hotels in India and is the perfect sanctuary for the luxury traveller.

So, which side of India is it you want to see?

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