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Luxury Holidays to The Polar Regions with Elegant Resorts

They might be at opposite ends of the Earth; however, the polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic sit together on many once-in-a-lifetime travel wish lists. Whichever destination you choose, you can be sure that we have a wide choice of luxury expedition cruises to suit you. Journeying to Antarctica, the Arctic and everywhere in between, the groundbreaking itineraries are simply out of this world, bursting with extraordinary experiences and taking you further than you ever thought possible, in ultimate comfort and luxury.

The regions of immense beauty possess inestimable environmental and historical importance, so it is little wonder that great poets and intrepid explorers have been inspired for centuries. Now it’s your turn to witness parts of the world very few have stepped foot upon, where you can admire spectacular frozen scenery and enjoy close encounters with a staggering profusion of indigenous wildlife, from playful penguins to predatory Polar Bears. Although the northern and southern extremes are similar in many ways, the poles also display stark differences.

The continent of Antarctica is a vast, ice-covered plateau, interrupted by soaring glaciers and surrounded by ocean from every side. There are no permanent residents, only scientists and technicians based at isolated research stations, which is little surprise as the average temperature often drops below -50oC. Though void of land-based mammals, it does provide shelter for a variety of marine life, including whales, porpoises and seals.

In contrast, the Arctic is an ocean surrounded by continents, home to indigenous people and permanent residents. The weather is warmer here, meaning icebergs are generally smaller, and the Arctic’s forests and tundras provide a much more favourable environment for terrestrial habitation, with a variety of land mammals, including wolves, reindeer, and of course, Polar Bears.

where to go in the polar regions

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As the foremost British pioneer of luxury travel – and boasting an ever-increasing collection of prestigious accolades that celebrates this – Elegant Resorts is a tour operator with the expertise, knowledge and reputation to deliver only the very finest tailor-made luxury holidays to our clients, honed by thirty years of experience in this niche travel business.

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