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Witness the piercing, pristine beauty and extraordinary indigenous wildlife of the Arctic, a Polar Region and the northernmost part of Earth.

Occupying approximately a sixth of the Earth’s surface, the Arctic Circle is made up of the North Pole and a number of large islands, including the Svalbard archipelago and Greenland. It also borders Alaska, Northern Canada and Russia, therefore encompassing multiple continents.

As you sail through idyllic, ice-choked northern waters on board one of our featured luxury vessels, you will be privy to monumental glaciers, endless frozen tundras, spectacular peaks and bountiful wildlife, whilst following in the footsteps of explorers and learning about the unique communities that call this remote part of the world home.


Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, this spectacular archipelago in the Arctic Ocean is home to indigenous wildlife, snow-covered peaks, soaring glaciers and abandoned whaling stations.

Bear Island

The southernmost island of the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago is a protected nature reserve, home to magnificent cliffs and caves populated with millions of nesting birds.

Norways Far North

Nordkapp (North Cape), Europe’s most northern point, can be visited in both winter and summer and is ideal for experiencing the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun.

Why Visit the Arctic?

When To Go?

With its frozen ethereal landscapes, plentiful wildlife and staggering natural beauty, there are countless reasons why you should embark on a once-in-a-lifetime expedition cruise to the great white wonder of the Arctic.


The Arctic’s close proximity to Europe, and the northern reaches of Canada and the United States, make it more accessible than other wilderness areas. In fact, it is only 1,300 miles from Britain and under six hours away by plane. As Svalbard is part of Norway, flights from Oslo or Tromsø will take you on to Longyearbyen, where you can join a cruise or use the island of Spitsbergen as a base.

Science enthusiasts will also find it an interesting place. This giant, white, frozen reservoir reflects sunlight, helping to keep the region cool, and plays an important role in keeping our global climate stable. In fact, the glaciers and icebergs in the Arctic make up about 20% of Earth’s supply of freshwater.

The main window is from around April to September, however the best time to go is during the European summer months, when the sea ice melts enough to let ships pass and navigate the area.

arctic when to go

These months are also the kindest in terms of daylight and temperature, when the Midnight Sun reigns supreme and bathes the land in 24-hour sunlight. The early summer promises large, newly-formed icebergs and ideal photography opportunities, thanks to snowy white backdrops, while August is considered one of the best times to spot Polar Bears as the pack ice begins to melt, meaning they are often more concentrated in the remaining icy areas. If you visit in winter, the area is a prime location to marvel at the best light show on Earth, Aurora Borealis, more famously known as the Northern Lights.

Expedition Cruising

Silver Cloud
Scenic Eclipse
Polar Latitudes

There are many luxury cruise itineraries available, allowing you to visit the farthest reaches of the north. A standard cruise to the Arctic lasts around twelve days, commonly leaving via Oslo. The Svalbard region is on most of the shorter, more concentrated itineraries, but other possibilities might include a longer cruise to Greenland, Iceland, Alaska and Canada.

Our featured, ice-strengthened expedition vessels, Silversea’s Silver Explorer, Silver Cloud Expedition and Scenic’s latest addition, Scenic Eclipse, are the ultimate way to visit the Arctic in unprecedented comfort, safety and style.

These three stunning luxury ships boast world-class cuisine, all-suite accommodation and stylish public spaces with swimming pools and a spa. Each vessel accommodates between only 100 and 228 passengers, to ensure an intimate guest experience.

Your expedition into this enchanting wilderness is complemented by Discovery and Expedition Leaders on the ships, who are experts in their fields, plus zodiac and kayak excursions, small-group shore landings, hiking and snowshoeing, as well as the chance to dip beneath the waves as part of an unforgettable Arctic submarine tour on board Scenic Eclipse.

Discover one of the most northernmost points on earth in unprecedented comfort, safety and style on-board one of our expedition vessels, witnessing indigenous wildlife and unforgettable glaciers along the way.

Silver Cloud

Did You Know?


The name ‘Arctic’ comes from a Greek word meaning ‘near the bear’

Antarctica Landscape

The coldest recorded temperature in the Arctic is around −68 °C (−90 °F)

Antarctica Ice

The Arctic region is home to the North Pole


The Arctic is a Polar Region located at the northernmost part of the Earth

Penguins and Ice

Because of the earth’s tilt, the Arctic receive 24 hours of sunlight each summer, but 24 hours of darkness each winter

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It is without question that the magnificent Polar Bears (the largest land predator) are the main attraction of this remote region. As many as 3,000 bears, nicknamed ‘Kings of the Arctic,’ roam the sea ice, as well as other predators including Arctic foxes and wolves, whose pray consists mainly of Arctic Hares and squirrels. Other species include Musk Oxen, reindeer and vast colonies of rare seabirds, who pocket the craggy cliffs. The Arctic Ocean is also bursting with marine life. Sea-dwelling mammals include seals and walrus, who haul out on rocky outcrops, and several species of cetacean, mainly Baleen, Killer and Beluga Whales, who often spout and breach before your eyes. One fascinating species found only in the Arctic Ocean is the Narwhal, often referred to as the ‘Unicorn of the Sea’, due to the straight tusk projecting from their head.



In addition to sightseeing from your chosen expeditionary ship, there are many additional ways to explore this incredible region, depending on your appetite for adventure. Accompanied by the best guides, naturalists and expedition crew members, zodiac excursions and kayaking trips allow you to get closer to nature than ever before. Passing towering icy glaciers just feet away, gliding through breathtaking fjords and witnessing a Polar Bear up-close are memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Dependant on the weather, small-group shore landings allow you to explore flora and wildlife, and you may even have the chance to snowshoe atop fresh snow. Our featured ship, Scenic Eclipse, offers a fantastic range of all-inclusive activities that go above and beyond – they have an on-board fleet of two helicopters and offer submarine tours.



According to experts, early humans began to explore these northern lands 10,000 years ago, and the first native residents were hunters and anglers of the Proto-Eskimo tribe. Across the Arctic, historical remnants still remain today, including abandoned whaling stations, expedition base camps, hunting and trapping camps. Despite the freezing-cold temperatures (winter can be as low as −40°C), approximately four-million people call this wintery wonderland home. Amongst these are the indigenous groups of the Arctic, including the Inuit, Saami and Siberian, who have found innovative ways to survive in some of the harshest environmental conditions on the planet.

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