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Luxury Holidays To St Barths With Elegant Resorts

Chic, charming and looking better than ever, spectacular St Barths offers an alluring mix of French sophistication, Caribbean charm and Swedish cool. Small but beautifully formed, the island measures just eight square miles, while still fitting in plenty to do for the most discerning travellers.

Frequented by the world’s elite and filled with stunning mega yachts, the capital Gustavia’s vibrant harbour exudes exclusivity and elegance, often referred to as the ‘Saint Tropez of the Caribbean’. Expect a buzzing atmosphere, an array of designer boutiques and some seriously sleek cocktail bars, all backed by the dazzling Caribbean Sea. Often dubbed the area’s gourmet capital, St Barths boasts a truly impressive and utterly eclectic dining scene; from flavoursome local delicacies, showcasing their unique French Creole influences, to the innovative fine-dining delights served at Eden Rock’s flagship restaurant – at which incredible seafood and artful desserts are among the offerings.

Unrivalled in its natural beauty, St Barths is one of the oldest volcanic islands in the Lesser Antilles, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. A true picture of paradise, the beautifully rugged shoreline is surrounded by wonderfully warm waters and sparkling white-sand beaches, many of which are only accessible by foot or boat; secluded and stunning in equal measure, what more could you wish for on your luxury holiday to St Barths with Elegant Resorts? Though the enchanting coves, immaculate beaches and bustling harbour are among St Barths’ greatest treasures, the island’s lush green interior and historical landmarks are also worth exploring. Why not hire a Mini, hit the road and see which hidden gems you can uncover on this magical, multi-faceted Caribbean island?

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