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Elegant Resorts

Animal Welfare Policy

While seeing and interacting with wildlife is becoming an increasingly popular aspiration for many luxury travellers, at Elegant Resorts we understand the potential risks this can impose on both humans and animals. To ensure our clients travel responsibly and sustainably, we strive to regularly review our promoted wildlife activities to provide rewarding and meaningful experiences, with high welfare standards and a focus on conservation and animal protection.

By working closely with our prestigious partners located in destinations around the world while actively following ABTA’s Animal Welfare Guidelines, we would like to reassure those travelling with Elegant Resorts that we do not knowingly include harmful animals activities or unethical experiences as part of our luxury holidays.

We take our responsibility to resolve any issues that may arise very seriously. As we work with organisations who strongly support our view in protecting and caring for wildlife, any changes in circumstance are thoroughly reviewed and resolved based upon the animal’s welfare – this could mean seeking specialist advice, or we may stop promoting this activity entirely.

We will continue to support the ongoing reviews and improvements of animal welfare in tourism, assisted by experts in their field and passionate wildlife organisations. These ethical efforts from ourselves will ensure our client’s luxury holidays are always purposeful, and never harmful.

View ABTA’s full Animal Welfare Guidelines.