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Luxury Holidays To Madhya Pradesh With Elegant Resorts

Considered the jewel of India, Madhya Pradesh’s central location boasts an interior awash with natural splendour. From the forests and waterfalls, to the woodlands and dense jungle, the area offers a blissful encounter with seldom-seen wildlife and blossoming vegetation. Boasting an impressive nine national parks, Madhya Pradesh has become a pioneer state in the conservation of flora and fauna, imposing strict hunting regulations and forming Project Tiger, a successful Tiger rehabilitation programme that has brought these magnificent animals back from the brink of extinction.

The tigers are, undoubtedly, the main attraction and can be found here more than anywhere else in the world. However, those more inclined to study the wildlife won’t have to search far to find a plethora of mammals, reptiles and birdlife, including migratory species, leopards, sloths and wild dogs. Best visited between the months of October and April, Madhya Pradesh sets the benchmark for wild encounters.

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