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Wildlife Encounters: Seeing Tigers in India

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09-May-2022 Karl Page

Wildlife Encounters: Seeing Tigers in India

Learn everything you need to know about seeing tigers in India and where to stay when you visit...

Experience is at the heart of everything we do. On all of our luxury holidays, we ensure every detail is perfect so you can enjoy moments that go above and beyond that of an ordinary getaway. When it comes to experiences around the world, some of the most mesmerising and unique can be seeing elusive and hard-to-find animals in their natural habitat. These wildlife encounters can help connect you to Planet Earth and your surroundings and leave you with lasting memories.

There are all manner of animals you can seek out, however, one of the most stunning and elusive are tigers. With bright orange stripes contrasting their black and white fur and pacing through the green forests of India, Bengal Tigers are not your everyday animal.

If you're interested in seeing tigers in their natural habitat whilst on a luxury holiday in India, we answer the most common questions to help you arrange your trip.

Where can you see Tigers in India?

India is home to a range of national parks which offer some of the best tiger-spotting experiences. These parks are protected spaces and allow tigers to live in their natural habitat undisturbed. For those who want to see a tiger in its home, a visit to one of these national parks is the way to go.

Ranthambore National Park

The most prominent place to see tigers in the wild in India, Ranthambore National Park is located in the north of the country and is popular amongst wildlife lovers and photographers for its dense and varied flora and fauna. At last count , there were 62 known tigers living in the park (with more utilising the reserve when they wish). As the largest national park in Rajasthan, you can be sure there is plenty to see and do here apart from searching for tigers, including paying a visit to Ranthambore Fort, after which the park was named.

Bandhavgarh National Park

Well revered for the number of tigers compared to its size (with around 70 tigers living there ), Bandhavgarh National Park has a common saying of "In any other park, you are lucky if you see a tiger. In Bandhavgarh, you are unlucky if you don't see one." Some of the tigers here are quite well known by name including the aptly nicknamed Charger, who is known for charging elephants and who once appeared on the cover of National Geographic.

Kanha National Park

The largest national park in Madhya Pradesh is Kanha Tiger Reserve, with a total area of 940 square meters. The large reserve is home to over 150 tigers in total , which is why it's known to be one of the best to visit in India to see this beautiful creature. Another popular animal to see here are the Barasingha, swamp deer that were brought back from near extinction by the Forestry Department.

Panna National Park

Located in northern Madhya Pradesh in the districts of Panna and Chhatarpur, Panna National Park is one of the smaller national parks on this list but that doesn't mean it's not another remarkable place to visit. At one point, there were no tigers left in Panna due to poaching, however, the local Forestry Department has worked tirelessly to reintroduce tigers to the area and regularly monitor the current residential population of around 50 tigers .

Pench National Park

The final national park to highlight is Pench, located in the districts of Seoni and Chhindawara in Madhya Pradesh. A fun fact about Pench National Park is that it's actually mentioned by name in Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book', which has led to it being a popular place to seek out some of the book's most beloved characters. The park is home to around 53 Bengal tigers, with more visiting and with many more animals and birds to see whilst exploring.
Asian Tiger cooling off in a river
Tiger in Water

When is the best time of year to see tigers in India?

Although tigers can be found in India year-round, the best time to see them on a wildlife holiday is during the months of October to June, due to cooler temperatures and drier weather. The hotter months, which are February, March and April, are the best as tigers will often have to seek out water and can be seen frequenting rivers and waterholes in order to cool down.

From July to September, India experiences its monsoon season where heavy rain is to be expected which can make these trips treacherous and unsuccessful. Oftentimes, national parks can be closed during these months or safaris are very limited.

Where to stay in India to see tigers

If you are looking to see tigers in India, we offer a selection of luxury holidays that mean you can do so in style. Wildlife and nature experiences don't have to mean roughing it camping in the forest at the whims of the environment, and instead, you can stay in stunning and unforgettable accommodation where luxury is built into the experience. Discover some of the luxury tiger-watching holidays we offer below.

Aman-i-Khás, Ranthambore

Sitting upon the edge of Ranthambore National Park, holiday like a Mughal at Aman-i-Khás in luxury, air-conditioned tents with roaring campfires and bright stars shining overhead. Search out tigers and other wildlife including crocodiles and leopards on the twice-daily game-drives. You can also enjoy yoga, unwind at the spa and a dip in the swimming pool to get out of the Indian heat.

Baghvan Pench Jungle Lodge, Madhya Pradesh

The more intimate Pench National Park is where you'll find Baghvan Pench Jungle Lodge, perfect for those who want to feel as though they've really gotten off of the tourist path. This remoteness, however, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice standards as the intimate lodge has a swimming pool, lounge area, shop, library and large open kitchen for its guests (of which there are only ever up to twenty-four). Off-site, you'll be immersed in the national park with not only the chance to see tigers; but leopards and wild dogs; beautiful, coloured birds and more; all of which you can explore on twice-daily jungle safaris led by esteemed guides.

Banjaar Tola, Madhya Predesh

Situation close to the entrance of Kanha National Park and boasting ninety-acres of their own private space, Banjaar Tola is the perfect romantic destination. With its own spa and secluded massage deck, your own dedicated butler, and the option of a private, candlelit dinner on your own deck, time spent not exploring Kahna will certainly be well spent. Plus, life will pulse around you as over 300 species of bird flit around the surrounding flora and you can choose to search out tigers in a Jeep excursion or on elephant back for a truly unique perspective.

Pashan Garh, Madhya Pradesh

Tucked away in Panna National Park, Pashan Garh offers twelve dramatic stone cottages all with their own private salas and linked with a large deck leading you to the infinity pool, open kitchen space and lookout tower with views over the local watering hole. What's more, there's an artist's studio, butler service, cookery classes and spa, as well as children's activities for those who want to share the experience with their little ones. Of course, there are also a range of nature walks and safaris allowing you to explore Panna National Park either by Jeep or on a exclusive elephant-back tour.

If you are looking to spark your travel wanderlust, learn more about our prestigious range to resorts of get under the skin of a future holiday destination, make sure to visit our luxury online travel magazine, Elegant Traveller.
Wild tigers on the road in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
Wild tigers on the road in Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh
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