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Luxury Villas in Corfu with Elegant Resorts

The greenest of Greece’s islands, home to rolling hills covered in pine forests and millions of olive trees, some over 400 years old, it’s not difficult to see how Corfu earned its nickname of the ‘Emerald Isle’. Of course, joining this verdant interior is a glorious coastline, home to beautiful golden beaches, crystal-clear waters and unspoilt islands nearby.
The allure of Corfu doesn’t stop at its natural beauty though, the island boasting a fascinating history and countless cultural sights. Due to its geographical location between Albania, Greece and Italy, it has long been a site of invasion, causing a blend of culture, architecture and cuisine that promises plenty to explore. As such, an Italianate feel dominates the island much more than a Greek one, perhaps the most shining example of which is charming Corfu Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that nestles between two ancient Venetian fortresses.


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