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Luxury Villas in The Canary Islands with Elegant Resorts

Ancient volcanic islands marooned in the Atlantic, boasting year round climates and mile upon mile of golden beaches and sea view. Whether it’s the traditional rest and relaxation luxury villa holiday you’re seeking, or a culturally rewarding, short-haul stay, the Canary Islands has something unique to offer. Furthermore, one of the best things about choosing the Canary Islands for a luxury villas holiday  is the variety and individuality of each island. Despite lying just a few miles apart, each island has a distinct character and flavour that captivates travellers year after year. Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are just three of the most popular out of the seven islands and are all home to some of the best luxury villas the Canary Islands has to offer. Our dedicated destination guide gives valuable insight into which of these islands is the best choice for your luxury villa holiday.


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