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Luxury Holidays To Sao Paulo With Elegant Resorts

Sao Paulo is rather unfairly - and far too often - compared to Rio de Janeiro, and it never fairs well. Incomparable to a city flanked by mountain peaks and world-famous beaches, Sao Paulo has to be appreciated in its own right, for its sprawling mass of urban high-rises, stretches of colourful street art, inner-city garden sanctuaries, a diverse range of eateries and a well-publicised celebrity scene. Those looking for beauty will leave deflated, but for those who revel in the buzz of a twenty-four-hour city, Sao Paulo won’t disappoint.

Considered the New York of South America, Sampa (as it’s affectionately named by residents), pumps to the rhythm of round-the-clock Latin music, 24-hour food markets, art museums, theatres, gardens and shopping districts. Visit the notorious Daslu shopping mall – accessed via helicopter or car – for designer stores and chic boutiques divided by swanky coffee houses and Champagne bars. Outside, take respite in a city park and watch skilful youngsters play football, hire a bike or simply sit and watch the world go by. A particular favourite is Parque Trianon, where the green vegetation forms a huge overhead canopy and welcome shade from the city heat. Finally, explore Liberdade – the world’s largest Japanese town. Visit on a Sunday when the food market is in full swing and buy multiple Japanese delicacies and handicrafts. As the largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo doesn't hanker to tourists' needs for intimacy and charm, it does, however, make up for this with a carefree attitude and exotic flare.

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