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Luxury Holidays To Hawaii With Elegant Resorts

Experience a luxury holiday to Hawaii with Elegant Resorts – home to the uniquely stunning islands of Oahu, Big Island, Lanai and Maui - is tremendously proud of its multicultural heritage, its islanders the ancestors of American missionaries, Asian plantation immigrants, European explorers and ancient Polynesians. A thriving arts and culture scene keeps traditions alive, including the enchanting hula dance. Hawaii also has a wonderful sense of identity and a truly charismatic personality – one that’s bound to win your hearts when you’re here. It’s easy to forget it’s part of the United States, set apart not only geographically, but also in its attitude to life and way of living. We’re talking a place with heaps of laid-back charm, the kind only found on an island, with an emphasis on fun and adventure.

If you have a passion for the ‘great outdoors’, this is paradise found, with activities galore amid astounding natural splendour. Explore spectacular national parks – on foot, by bike, or on horseback; take the plunge in an ice-cold pool deep in a rainforest, mighty waterfalls crashing overhead or trek across ageless lava flows and watch piping hot lava bubble down to the sea. Alternatively, learn how to surf at Waikiki Beach, go for a swim with pods of friendly dolphins, snorkel and dive with Giant Turtles and Manta Rays in Hawaii’s technicolour underwater world, watch graceful whales breaching high out of the ocean and super-daring surfers ride enormous waves. Or simply flop on a pearly white beach alongside one of our show-stopping luxury hotels.

Whether you’re bringing the children, staying on honeymoon or splashing out on that trip of a lifetime, the archipelago of Hawaii is one of the world’s finest adventure playgrounds…

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