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Luxury Holidays To Beijing With Elegant Resorts

For centuries, Beijing has remained the cultural and political centre of China, and its people, both confident and proud, reflect the city’s ample power and strength. With over 7,300 cultural relics, Beijing is adorned with Imperial grandeur and splendid ornate decoration. Unlike Shanghai, its aesthetics have remained distinctly Chinese and although western-style architecture exists, in Beijing it is still out-shone by centuries of heritage.

Both the Forbidden City and The Summer Palace encompass grand palaces and elevated temples surrounded by elaborate gardens and intricate courtyards. Outside The Forbidden City, the now iconic portrait of Chairman Mao stands in front of the world’s largest public square, Tiananmen Square. Enclosed on all sides by political and administrative buildings, the arena’s turbulent history makes for a somewhat poignant atmosphere.

Of course, no trip to Beijing would be complete without visiting the world-famous, Great Wall of China. This winding and challenging path snakes its way across breathtaking scenery, offering views that cover miles of isolated hillside, exposing intermittent lines of ancient wall that seemingly lead to nowhere.

Often referred to as ‘Shanghai’s Big Brother’, Beijing beguiles guests with a mammoth amount of cultural and historical significance – the perfect place to absorb ancient China before or after a hedonistic stint in the country’s more westernised cities.

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