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Luxury Holidays To Shanghai With Elegant Resorts

The sheer pace of Shanghai is overwhelming; a continuous buzz of fidgety excitement and an atmosphere similar to that of an impending thunderstorm. Strangely addictive, Shanghai is constantly fizzing with activity, moving to the rhythm and demands of a world-famous city.

For a truly unique experience, seek out The Bund’s Tourist Tunnel. This convenient, yet wholly bizarre method of crossing from The Bund to Pudong invites guests to board an underground cart which travels from one side of the river to the other. In-transit entertainment includes a psychedelic light show, coloured illuminations and dreamy lights projected across the tunnel’s inner walls. The first of its kind in China (and, quite possibly, the last), western visitors are left feeling utterly perplexed, but because there are no boats or bridges across Huangpu River, the Tourist Tunnel is pretty much unavoidable: Abstract? Yes. Totally compelling? Of course!

As one of the most iconic city towers in the world, Shanghai’s futuristic Oriental Pearl is an absolute must-see. Standing at 1,536 feet, the views are more than impressive and each sphere allows for 360° views across the city. Complete your visit by descending to the lobby museum which details the history and rapid development of Shanghai; it’s truly remarkable how much has changed in just a few decades. Practically next door, you’ll find the Shanghai World Financial Center (the skyscraper which resembles an enormous bottle opener) and venue for the world’s highest observation deck on its one-hundredth floor. It may no longer be the world’s tallest building, but at 1,555 feet, the triple-tiered deck still stands twenty-two metres higher than that of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


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