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Luxury Holidays To AlUla With Elegant Resorts

Uncover the mysteries of this largely untouched jewel in Saudi’s crown – AlUla - tucked away in the northwest corner of Saudi. This is a region of extraordinary cultural and natural heritage, where 200,000 years of human legacy and 7,000 years of successive ancient civilisations invite you to journey through time and experience its rich history and heritage. A living open-air museum – an area the size of Wales – with spellbinding dramatic landscapes, spectacular, colossal and quite humbling. AlUla's extraordinary geology sets this destination apart, with monumental rock formations and huge canyons surrounding a green oasis. Marvel in silence at dramatic canyons, discover preserved tombs carved into the rock, experience authentic Arabia amid its ancient town, ride on horseback across the sprawling desert, stargaze beneath some of the clearest skies on the planet and discover the wealth of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Expect truly transformative experiences and luxury hospitality, whilst always protecting the cherished heritage, friendly locals and humbling landscape of AlUla.

Experience AlUla in serious style on this luxury tailor-made itinerary. Be amongst the first to discover this simply spectacular and little-explored destination, visiting some of its most enchanting, fascinating and ancient treasures. Leave the stresses of the modern world behind in a region of extraordinary beauty, cultural and natural heritage, where 200,000 years of human legacy sits alongside over 7,000 years of human civilization. Throughout your trip, enjoy an array of immersive experiences and excursions that give a glimpse into this Arabian hidden secret, returning each evening to a luxurious hotel.

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