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This Sustainability Policy comprises the guidelines, principles, and strategies designed to achieve our sustainability objectives. It is a comprehensive approach that considers environmental, social and economic factors to ensure the long-term well-being of society and the planet.

We seek to address issues such as climate change, energy conservation, resource management, waste reduction, biodiversity, and social equity. The aim is to reduce negative impacts on the environment and promote responsible practices that enhance sustainability.

Some key elements of the Elegant Resorts and If Only approach are:

  • Setting clear goals and targets for sustainability performance

  • Identifying and measuring the impacts of organisational activities

  • Developing strategies to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive impacts

  • Engaging stakeholders in the development and implementation of sustainability policies

  • Monitoring and reporting progress towards sustainability goals and targets

  • Continuously improving sustainability performance through ongoing evaluation and adaptation of policies and practices

The sustainability policy embraces a commitment to long-term thinking and action, as well as collaboration and co-operation between different stakeholders. It is a critical step towards building a more sustainable future for all.

Environmental sustainability

  • We will measure and take action to reduce our carbon footprint

  • We have begun an initiative to monitor how much plastic is produced by the Chester office, and implemented a Plastic Policy to lessen our waste production with particular focus on single-use plastics. A plastic-free office and accompanying sustainable culture will help us to reduce carbon emissions; of greatest importance is the elimination of single-use plastics

  • We will encourage our suppliers to adopt eco-friendly practices and highlight accommodation and transportation options that prioritise sustainability

  • We will promote sustainable holiday options to our customers and encourage them to reduce their environmental impact during their travels

  • We will take care to promote holidays that embrace a responsible approach to the welfare of wildlife and preservation of biodiversity

Social sustainability

  • We believe in fair and ethical treatment of our employees, suppliers, and local communities

  • We believe in improving working conditions for our staff enriching their lives through a strong and rewarding community at work

  • We will support local economies by promoting local businesses and encouraging our customers to purchase local products and services

  • We will support charitable causes

Economic sustainability

  • We will strive to operate a profitable business while minimizing waste and inefficiencies

  • We will prioritize sustainable tourism practices that have long-term economic benefits for the communities we operate in

  • We will work with suppliers and other stakeholders to develop tourism products that meet the needs of both visitors and the local economy

Continuous improvement

  • We will regularly review and update our sustainability policy to ensure it reflects our business goals and the evolving sustainability challenges of the industry

  • We will measure and report on our progress towards our sustainability targets to hold ourselves accountable

  • We will engage with our customers, suppliers, and staff to solicit feedback and ideas for improvement

By implementing this sustainability policy our business can demonstrate its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices while also meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

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We are proud to have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Service Award in 2024. This independent seal of excellence recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers.

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