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The Estates at Pangkor Laut



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Luxury Holidays At The Estates at Pangkor Laut

Tucked away in the secluded northern region of the island, The Estates at Pangkor Laut unveil unparalleled havens of privacy and exclusive luxury. Catering to the needs of families, larger groups and honeymooners alike, these idyllic retreats are comprised of an ensemble of interconnected buildings gracefully linked by meandering paved walkways and charming bridges and each exudes a distinct personality while remaining uniformly adorned with luxurious appointments. These expansive retreats feature spacious bedrooms, inviting living and dining pavilions, expansive outdoor spaces and a grand private pool, all seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape.

From personal butlers and private chefs to daily housekeeping and in-room dining, The Estates at Pangkor Laut provides a comprehensive range of amenities and services designed to cater to every whim and desire. Guests can indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, explore the island's rich biodiversity on guided nature walks or venture into the surrounding waters for thrilling water sports adventures. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat amidst lush hillsides or an invigorating escape along a pristine beachfront, The Estates at Pangkor Laut offer an unparalleled experience of exclusivity and personalized service.

  • Type: Luxury Hotel
  • Summary: An exclusive retreat nestled amidst Pangkor Laut Island
  • Feature: Spacious accommodations and inviting living spaces
  • Rooms: Eight private estates
  • Nearest airport: Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Location and transfer

Approximately 15 minutes by speed boat transfer from Kuala Lumpur International Airport


Located on the northern side of the island, the Estates at Pangkor Laut are private sanctuaries that offer the ultimate in Malaysian living. While each boasts a unique design and interior, the estates all offer luxurious amenities, between one to four bedrooms, separate living and dining pavilions, plenty of outdoor space, private pools and impressive views. Additionally, a personal butler and dedicated chef are on call for every estate and a private chauffeur-driven car is available on request.

   Estate One :expand_more
  • Room View: Panoramic beach and ocean view
  • Facilities: Tucked away in a corner of Marina Bay, Estate One is an intimate and cosy hideaway that is ideal for those in search of seclusion. This incredible estate boasts two bungalow bedrooms, two outdoor Jacuzzis, spacious living and dining pavilions and a beautifully geometric infinity pool that promises incredible views over the clear waters of the bay.
   Estate Two:expand_more
  • Room View: Ocean and beach view
  • Facilities: Just mere metres from the shoreline in a private enclave of Marina Bay, Estate Two has a unique design that is centred around a natural freshwater pond. This spacious estate offers three bungalow bedrooms, two outdoor Jacuzzis, a free-form swimming pool and spacious living and dining pavilions. Two of the three bungalow bedrooms feature private outdoor baths nestled within tranquil gardens, while the third offers direct pool access from the bedroom, creating an ideal setting for a romantic midnight swim.
   Estate Four :expand_more
  • Room View: Ocean and beach view
  • Facilities: Set on a hillside within the rainforest, this intimate Estate is great for honeymooners and families alike, boasting a unique blend of indoor and outdoor living. Distinguished by its expansive living pavilion and tall rubble walls of pure granite, Estate Four also features two bungalow bedrooms spread across a multi-levelled layout, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a spacious dining pavilion and a free-form infinity pool that merges land, pool and sea seamlessly.
   Estate Five :expand_more
  • Room View: Rainforest and sea view
  • Facilities: Boasting 270-degree panoramas of the rainforest and sea, Estate Five is the perfect spot to relax and unwind with the lights of Pangkor Island in the distance. This lavish estate also offers three bungalow bedrooms, an outdoor Jacuzzi, a spacious living pavilion, a geometric infinity pool and a unique wooden deck that is strategically placed to offer the best views over the canopy of trees.
   Estate Six :expand_more
  • Room View: Rainforest view
  • Facilities: Characterised by a long lawn and an almost half-Olympic standard-length pool, Estate Six is ideal for families. This spacious estate features three bungalow bedrooms with private balconies or verandas, two outdoor Jacuzzis, spacious living and dining pavilions, an outdoor hot spa and a lavish pool area complete with a geometric sunken pool.
   Estate Seven :expand_more
  • Room View: Rainforest view
  • Facilities: Nestled amongst forest-clad granite hills, Estate Seven was built across staggered levels and is one of the largest estates available from Pangkor Laut. Spread out for maximum privacy, this estate promises four opulent bungalow bedrooms, an outdoor jacuzzi, spacious living and dining pavilions, a geometric infinity pool and a beautiful cascading pond.
   Estate Eight :expand_more
  • Room View: Rainforest view
  • Facilities: Promising a relaxed ambience beneath the rainforest canopy, Estate Eight is home to three bungalow bedrooms, expansive living and dining pavilions, a picturesque fishpond, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a lavish free-form infinity pool in the shape of a lotus flower.
   Estate Nine :expand_more
  • Room View: Ocean and rainforest view
  • Facilities: A forested hilltop haven, Estate Nine boasts an impressive natural rock garden that’s blended into the design, home to monolithic rocks estimated to be over 200 million years old. This lavish estate also features four bungalow bedrooms, three outdoor bath pavilions and a hot spa pavilion that is reminiscent of a Japanese onsen bath, expansive living and dining pavilions, a geometric fishpond and many secret courtyards, one with a giant chessboard.

Guests at The Estates at Pangkor Laut can enjoy the services of a dedicated private chef. Armed with a working knowledge of cooking for the Western palette, the experienced Hainanese chefs work tirelessly to impress and inspire you with delectable meals. There is no set menu, so every meal is an exercise in creativity that is based on your preferences. Despite this, you can head to the kitchen yourself and try your hand at cooking if you’d prefer.

Property Highlights:expand_more
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Multi-Generational Holidays

The Estates at Pangkor Laut is more than just a collection of luxurious accommodations; it is a sanctuary where families come together to create enduring memories and foster a deeper connection. Spacious bedrooms, each adorned with luxurious appointments and designed to accommodate individual preferences, ensure that every family member finds their own private oasis while separate living and dining pavilions provide ample space for family gatherings. Whether it's sharing laughter over a family meal, exploring the island's hidden wonders, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of each other's company, these idyllic retreats provide the perfect setting for multigenerational harmony and shared joy.

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Spa Attraction

Hidden amidst the lush greenery of Pangkor Laut Island, Spa Village Pangkor Laut beckons weary travellers to its tranquil haven, where ancient healing traditions converge to rejuvenate and revitalise the body, mind soul. Drawing inspiration from the island's paradisiacal setting, the Spa Village's treatments are infused with time-honoured Ayurvedic, Chinese and Malay health rituals, offering an unparalleled holistic approach to wellness. Embark on a transformative journey of rejuvenation as you immerse yourself in a traditional Malay circulating bath, awaken your senses in one of the ‘healing huts’ or enjoy personalised treatments in one of the eight treatment pavilions.


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