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Luxury Holidays To Lima With Elegant Resorts

Depending on what time of year you visit, Lima will either greet you with a dense curtain of mist or bask you in glorious rays of sunlight. Visit between the months of December and April and you can expect blue skies and radiant sunshine whereas between May and October, prepare for a low, albeit majestic grey fog. Being the capital of Peru, Lima is large, gritty and densely populated with both people and infrastructure.

Modern high rises inevitably shadow the city’s colonial architecture and pre-Hispanic heritage, although they do exist and historic Peruvian sites still prevail. Visit the colonial church of La Iglesia de San Francisco and discover the skeletons of over 25,000 Lima people in its catacombs, believed to have been buried between the 16th and 19th century.

Explore underground vaults and an ancient library stocked with beautifully rustic and over-sized books, antique texts and mysterious spiral staircases. Return to the modern-day and venture to Circuito Magico del Agua - an open area comprising various interactive water features including illuminated water fountains, multi-coloured water displays and a fusion of music, art and fantasy. Best visited at night, combine this with traditional Ceviche at one of Lima’s many dining establishments. Made from fresh, white fish and cooked in lime juice, this national delicacy is one of many regional dishes putting Peru at the top of the international food charts; Peru even gained the title of Gastronomy Capital of the Americas in 2006. Complete your visit to Lima with bike tours and excursions to local markets followed by sweet Pisco Sours in vibrant Penas (folk and Creole-style bars) for an authentic taste of Lima living.

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