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Luxury Holidays To Colca Canyon With Elegant Resorts

The Colca Canyon may not be as well-known as other world-famous canyons, but it’s still the deepest ravine on earth and twice the depth of the Grand Canyon. Graced with beautiful Andean terraces and astounding scenic beauty, the entire region is a mesmerising mix of volcanoes, valleys, indigenous villages, thermal springs and ancient Incan pathways, with the Colca River running many metres below. In fact, at Nevado Ampato point, Colca Canyon is believed to be a formidable 6,288 metres above the riverbed.

The best time to visit is between the months of May and November, during the region’s dry season. Also known as the trekking season, it provides the ideal conditions to walk parts of the 124-mile river or ascend into the walls of the canyon, admiring the magnitude of wildlife. With over one-hundred bird species and three-hundred types of plantlife, Colca Canyon is rich in natural wonders – admire multiple cacti, hummingbirds, llamas and alpacas, or venture to Cruz del Condor and watch the magnificent Andean Condor in flight. Here, on a steep canyon rim, the condors float above rising thermals, providing ample opportunities to observe these creatures up close - a definite once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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