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Luxury Holidays To Pantanal With Elegant Resorts

The Pantanal is a vast area of wetland dominated by water and wildlife. Being the world’s largest freshwater wetland, there are no towns and only a handful of roads, most of which are totally submerged in water during the flooding season. This land-locked river delta is home to a formidable amount of flora, fauna, aquatic plants and diverse ecosystems, as well as numerous rare and endangered species, such as the giant river otter and the notoriously evasive jaguar. However, in the Pantanal, you will have more chance to spot these creatures than anywhere else on the planet; mostly due to the largely flat open plains that offer few hiding places for animals to take cover.

Visit between August and October and observe a spectacular display of fish migration or the rain season (from November to April), when the marshes swell and growth thrives. Perhaps the most rewarding time to visit is during the draining period, when the land is rich in resources and the animals accumulate. In fact, pretty much any time of the year has its virtues, whether you arrive for the exotic fauna, the wildlife or even the cattle ranches with real-life working cowboys. The Pantanal is rich, lush and beautifully fertile, making a visit any time of the year exceedingly fruitful.

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