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Luxury Holidays To Salta City With Elegant Resorts

Founded in 1582, Salta City was once just a convenient stopover for those en route to Bolivia’s silver mines. Today, and over four-hundred years later, the city is a hubbub of tourism, offering visitors an eclectic mix of landscapes, cultures and aesthetics.

Based in northwest Argentina, grazing the borders of Chile and Bolivia, Salta is a city of complete diversity; from tropical forests and snow-capped mountain ranges, to European-style cafes, Spanish churches and Incan ancestry. The city is set in the lovely Lerma Valley and is completely surrounded by mountains, while a tour of the city will take you to the main square, the cathedral, city hall, San Francisco Church and a market where you can buy handmade crafts. Salta also boasts the greatest amount of Colonial architecture in Argentina, so you’re never too far from a brightly coloured church or leafy plaza. In fact, Plaza 9 de Julio is the central hub of the city, with plenty of streetside cafes, a striking floodlit cathedral and shady terraces.

Venture to Cerro San Bernardo for stunning panoramic views and, while those inclined to climb the 1,070 steps to the summit can do so, everyone else can take the more leisurely cable-car. Alternatively, embark on the Tren A Las Nubes and enjoy an engaging fifteen-hour train journey into the clouds. Ascend to a height of 4,200 metres while travelling through unsurpassable scenery, before reaching La Polvorilla viaduct and the small Indian village of San Antonio Los Cobres. If such daunting heights don’t appeal, stay in the city centre and take a tour of MAAM Archaeological Museum, where the famous mummified remains of sacrificed Inca children, found frozen in the Andes, are on display.

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