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Luxury Holidays To Iguazú National Park With Elegant Resorts

Iguazú National Park plays host to Argentina’s premier tourist attraction, the remarkable Iguazú Falls. The translation for Iguazú Falls, quite literally, means ‘Big Water’- somewhat of an understatement when the falls actually comprise 270 separate waterfalls lined up across 1.5 miles of land. Visitors are often warned that they may get wet, but with heights of more than eighty metres and a consequent backlash of upward spray, it’s pretty much guaranteed. Gracing the borders of Argentina and Brazil, these colossal walls of thrashing water are accessed by numerous foot trails and walkways.

In Iguazú National Park, visitors can take various ‘circuitos’, leading through pathways from one enthralling vantage point to another – stop at them all for spectacular yet subtly different vistas. The park’s biggest attraction is Gargantia del Dablo, also known as Devil’s Throat. From here, a one-kilometre walkway branches across a horseshoe-shaped section of waterfall, passing from Argentina through to Brazil, and vice versa. To admire the falls from an alternative viewpoint, take a boat tour on the river, which will cut directly through the fall’s shower path. As the boat cautiously approaches a curtain of ferocious downfall, you will inevitably get drenched while your ears scream to the onslaught of roaring water. Back on land, there are various 4WD tours offering safari-style drives through the verdant terrain in search of fascinating flora and wildlife. Otherwise, take respite in one of the park’s many snack bars and dry out in the Argentine heat. Nothing short of awe-inspiring, Iguazú National Park and its formidable waterfalls provides an almost incomprehensible experience, with nature displaying both power and overwhelming beauty.

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