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Luxury Holidays To Nevada With Elegant Resorts

Proudly declaring itself as the ‘Battle Born State’, don’t expect Nevada to pass you by. Merged from the embers of the Civil War, its history is woven with tales of adventurers and pioneers, and, from the days of the native tribes who once roamed the landscape on horseback, to invading Spanish settlers and Mormon missionaries, the culture is equally rich and fascinating. From the stunning sandstone formations and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, to desert plains, characterised by the shadows of cacti, Joshua Trees and the slow-moving humpback of the Desert Tortoise, Nevada is a land made for originals and individuals, who love nothing more than challenging a horizon. Discover a whole new world of open highways to satisfy even the strongest sense of wanderlust, with a luxury holiday to Nevada with Elegant Resorts.

Lake Tahoe is one of the state's most treasured gems. In contrast to the dusty deserts and heady buzz of Las Vegas, the cobalt-blue waters and towering pines offer an oasis of alpine beauty. Straddling California and Nevada, it is a sight to behold after travelling through arid roads, and an unmissable stop to make if you are passing by on a roadtrip to California. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, let the fresh mountain air fill your lungs as you explore walking trails boasting spectacular views, cycle the rocky hillsides or kayak arcoss the waters.

While far removed from the neon lights of Las Vegas, for those seeking a twin-centre holiday, it is less than a three-hour flight from the northern region of the state, or a six-hour road trip through the striking scenery of Pony Express Territory and the Silver Trails, where the land is peppered with intriguing ghost towns, old mines and nature reserves. The contrast between the fabulous Las Vegas Strip and rural Nevada is fascinating, and an invitation to witness both sides of this most unusual coin is not one to be passed up.

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