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Luxury Holidays To Miami With Elegant Resorts


With a unique blend of Art Deco glamour, sun-drenched beaches and an electric energy unlike anywhere else in the USA, enjoy a luxury holiday with Elegant Resorts to the vibrant city of Miami. Steeped in rich cultural heritage, Miami boasts a fascinating past, evident in its Art Deco architecture and the pulsating energy of Little Havana. But Miami is far from a relic; it's a thriving city where luxury seamlessly blends with untamed wilderness.

A mosaic of diverse neighbourhoods, Miami promises something for everyone. With its pastel-coloured villas and lush gardens, the Mediterranean-inspired Coral Gables is the ideal place to spend an afternoon or meander through Coconut Grove, where bohemian vibes and art galleries mingle with chic boutiques.

For those searching for something unforgettable, explore one of the city’s two exceptional national parks or be dazzled by the cutting-edge art scene in Wynwood. And of course, no Miami experience is complete without basking in the sun-drenched splendor of South Beach.

Whether you’re looking to relax on white sand beaches, indulge in world-class dining and nightlife or immerse yourself in vibrant culture, Miami has it all.