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Luxury Holidays To Chicago With Elegant Resorts

Chicago stands on the western shore of Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois, drawing its name from an Indian word meaning "strong" or "great". and it has been said that no other city has influenced the rest of the world, in terms of modern architecture, quite as much as Chicago - films such as 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off 'and 'The Fugitive' will give you an idea of the spectacular diversity that this magnificent city offers. 
The 'Windy City' has a multicultural flavour like no other; here you can visit Greek Town, Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Saigon or the Ukrainian Village, amongst others, to experience some fantastic speciality bars, award-winning restaurants and eateries. You’ll also find world-class department stores and shopping malls; the beautiful parks and beaches of Lakeshore Drive; a famous symphony hall, opera hall and ballet and a host of vibrant venues serving up the classic jazz and blues, the city is famous for.