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Luxury Holidays To Terengganu With Elegant Resorts

Set along the coast of the South China Sea, Terengganu is an idyllic beach paradise- the perfect finale to your luxury Malaysian tour. With beautiful tropical beaches and sapphire waters teeming with life, both the mainland and Terengganu’s scattered islands are fairly isolated from the rest of the country, offering a unique experience of peace and serenity. Popularly known as the ‘Land of Turtles’, this is the ultimate destination to explore the stunning underwater world, with a wealth of scuba-diving opportunities.

Rich in traditional culture, Terengganu is perfect to delve into the heritage of eastern Malaysia, with fishing villages and rice paddies dotted across the region. Regarded as the birthplace of Malaysian Islam, Terengganu is ideal to discover sensational architecture, cuisine, and traditions like kite flying and weaving- kept alive and well for centuries. Whether relaxing on the powdery sands, discovering the stunning landscapes or delving into the local culture, Terengganu is a picture-perfect paradise for your next luxury holiday.