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Luxury Holidays To Sumba Island With Elegant Resorts

A fifty minute flight east of Bali is the beautiful Indonesian Island of Sumba - a pristine haven surrounded by crashing waves and incredible marine life. Once the secret haunt for many a savvy surfer, the stunning resort of Nihiwatu has now opened up the island to a new generation of discerning travellers. Known mainly for its Nihiwatu Wave and impressive beach, the island has a stunning natural interior, vibrant culture and dramatic underwater topography. Whether you wish to surf, dive, snorkel, fish or free-dive in the rich surrounding ocean, or perhaps hike through the traditional villages and visit historic Stone Age sites, guests will be thrilled by the varied activities available at this superb resort.

The epitome of sustainable tourism and rugged luxury, adventurous families can enjoy world-class facilities and try fascinating new experiences, such as skimming the shallows on a horse tow or taking an accredited Free-Diving course. The Sandalwood Stables boast world-class equestrian facilities and even have a resident Horse Whisperer! The island allows guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in a forgotten culture, visit Blue Waterfalls, trek though cascading rice paddy fields and take a step back in time. 

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