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Luxury Holidays To Lijiang With Elegant Resorts

Lijiang is a region of high mountains and small towns, unique ethnic groups and an eight-hundred-year-old heritage that will impress even the most well-voyaged travellers. The town, of the same name, is split into three predominant areas; Dayan (The Old Town), Shuhe and the Baisha Quarter. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and resembles a maze of trickling streams, narrow canals and small, dainty alleyways entwined with knotty trees and sprawling vines. Quaint wooden houses topped with bird-wing roofs are divided by rows of art stalls, rustic bars, restaurants, coffee shops and enough souvenir shops to fill your entire house with chopsticks.

The Old Town is undeniably charming, especially at night when subtle illumination glows across the tiny streets and sheets of colour cover the canal ways. Bar Street is particularly popular for its live music, twinkling treelights and up-beat vibe – often the locals sitting in bars opposite one another will enjoy a late-night 'sing-off' while enjoying goblets of local beer. Join in if you know the words, but it will be a mix of Nazi/Han Chinese.

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