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Luxury Holidays To Hail With Elegant Resorts

Rich in history and heritage, the city of Hail was once the capital of all the Arabian Desert and home to legends like Hatim Al Tai – the ruling prince and poet of the Tayy tribe of Arabia, best known for his generosity that earned him a spot in the ‘Arabian Nights’ story. Today, it remains the capital of the north-central region of Saudi and is a treasured stop during the Isamic pilgrimage to Makkah. Its cultural curiosities include the mighty Nafud Desert's rock art, inscriptions and petroglyphs that are now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Juba and Jabal Umm Sanman), as well as a trio of ancient castles and traditional souqs frequented by locals. Hail also embraces the enchanting desert landscape that surrounds it, hosting regular international festivals – from a Desert Festival celebrating local culture, to the Hail International Rally, where rally cars, quads and motorcycles race through the Nafud Desert and the city. If you’re seeking a dose of history, culture and adventure, Hail is a must-visit on your luxury Saudi Arabia holiday.



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