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Luxury Holidays To Lewa Wildlife Conservancy With Elegant Resorts

Based in the foothills of Mount Kenya, this vast region of open savannah grasslands offers some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing in Kenya. Against the backdrop of diverse habitats of grassland, forests, springs and the snow-capped mountain, Lewa has a high wildlife density and is a sanctuary for some of the world's most endangered species. With a pioneering approach to conservation, Lewa is a safe refuge for the critically endangered black rhino and Grevy’s zebra, as well as elephant, lion, buffalo and giraffe. The superb game viewing amidst Lewa’s magnificent setting establishes the ultimate luxury Kenyan safari.

As well as the exceptional safari experience, the conservation work of Lewa is an incredible opportunity to get involved in the pioneering work to protect the wildlife, while the community development programme invests in the livelihoods of the local communities and provides conservation education. Profits generated by Lewa are invested into the work, meaning your luxury safari directly drives the conservation effort.