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The Ten Best Restaurants in Barbados

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04-May-2022 Karl Page

The Ten Best Restaurants in Barbados

Why not try something new in sunny Barbados?

On any travel, food gives us a way to experience the local culture in more depth, discover hidden gems and make unforgettable memories. However, when new to an area, it can be hard to know the right places to visit to make sure you are getting an authentic experience.
Looking to the warmer climes of Barbados? With fresh seafood aplenty and a melting point of influences from African to Irish and Creole to Indian, Bajan food is totally unique and as well as soaking in the sun, you'll want to experience it whilst on the island.

Read on to uncover the top restaurants in Barbados, from fusion spots to fine dining establishments and street-food favourites.
Our Ten Best Restaurants
Our Ten Best Restaurants
The ten best restaurants in Barbados: Champers Restaurant, Bridgetown; Cuz's Fish Stand, Bridgetown; The Fish Pot, Saint Peter; Lone Star, Holetown; Nishi Restaurant, Holetown; Oistins Fish Fry, Oistins; QP Bistro, Saint James; Sandy Lane, Saint James; Sea Shed, Bridgetown; The Tides, Holetown.

More about the top restaurants in Barbados...

Champers Restaurant, Bridgetown

With over 3,000 five-star TripAdvisor reviews, Champers is a popular dining choice on the island for a variety of reasons, from its amazing service quality and food to its views over the ocean thanks to its outside deck. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and offers free meals to all children under 14, meaning it can be a great option for a range of travellers and locals will often visit to celebrate a special occasion thanks to its perfect fusion of a laid-back vibe and high-end feel.

Talking about why Champers is so successful, How We Eat talks more on the mood curated here: "Champers is a fine dining restaurant, but it is incredibly accessible. Whether you are a tourist or a local, the prices are comparable to other restaurants in Barbados. The difference is the value. They get a lot of stuff right. Good service, good food and a great location.

"The portion sizes are substantial, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients being used. Fresh fish, lamb shanks and beef short ribs are just some of the standards on the menu. Many fine dining restaurants take pride in creating an elitist atmosphere, however, at Champers everyone is welcomed and treated with the utmost respect without being condescending and that is priceless."

Cuz's Fish Stand, Bridgetown

Good food doesn't have to mean a sit-down meal, or a big price tag and Cuz's Fish Stand is a prime example of that. Understated, you might be forgiven for walking past Cuz's and not realising it's a Bajan institution (although the constant queue should be a giveaway!) Tucked to one side of the street in Hastings, Bridgetown, just off the sand of Pebbles Beach, this is the perfect lunchtime treat.

What to order, we hear you ask. Well, at Cuz's there is only one option - the fish cutter. You do have the option to add cheese or double up on fish, but that's all the options you'll need as Cuz serves it up perfectly every time with a fried Marlin fish, a fresh bun, egg, some lettuce and his signature sauce. Trust us, you'll be going back for seconds.

The Fish Pot, Saint Peter

The most-northerly option on our list, The Fish Pot is a family-owned restaurant housed in the 17th-century Fort Rupert. The setting isn't the only thing that's bound to impress, as the menu has two main focuses: simplicity and freshness. With no airs or graces, the menu here is filled with dishes that make the most of the fresh produce available on the island. As the name suggests, seafood takes the limelight and the gourmet dishes on offer are the ideal blend of sophisticated and feel-good.

If you are looking for an early morning adventure whilst staying on the island, it's worth mentioning that breakfast at The Fish Pot is one of Barbados' best-kept secrets. For those who like to start their days with exploration, not only does the local area offer a scenic setting, but the breakfast menu here ranges from more familiar breakfast offers (Full English anyone?) to signature dishes such as grilled flying fish on a fresh-baked olive ciabatta.

The Lone Star, Holetown

Known for its beach-side setting a celebrity clientele, The Lone Star is another star on the island's Platinum Coast. The Telegraph describes The Lone Star as "the epitome of tropical chic". Built on the site of a former mechanic's garage, it's now one of the most renowned dining spots on the island and the place to be for anybody who is anybody. A rich and varied menu with European and Caribbean cuisine celebrates fresh ingredients and ingenuity and from the Black Angus Beef Fillet to the Cajun-spiced Lobster Tail, everything is a taste sensation.

What's more, you don't have to simply visit The Lone Star for dinner as the adjoining Boutique Hotel carries those same high levels of service and is a great luxury holiday destination on the island. The number of rooms here is limited, offering an intimate experience where you know you are getting exclusive treatment. Stay directly on the beach, in the Penthouse or in a garden room and have every detail taken care of. You can even enjoy in-room spa treatments, and concierge service (with fresh-baked cookies and a batch of rum punch waiting for you when you check-in!)

the exterior of the Lone Star Restaurant
The Lone Star Restaurant
A dining table complete with glasses and silverwear overlooks the ocean
Dining on Deck

Nishi Restaurant, Holetown

Celebrating fusion cuisine, at Nishi Restaurant you can unlock a diverse menu of English, Caribbean and Asian dishes whilst dining under the stars. Noted for its bright and delicious sushi, the head chef boasts over 15 years of experience in high-end restaurants across destinations including Miami , New York, and even at the Shangri-La in Indonesia.

Voted TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice 2020, Nishi is a popular choice for locals and visitors alike thanks to its unique menu which takes pride in making the most of the best local ingredients. Be sure to book a table before you go, as it's common for the restaurant to reach full capacity and we wouldn't want you to miss out.

Oistins Fish Fry, Oistins

If you are looking for the place to be on a Friday night where you can enjoy frenetic energy and delicious food, then the fish fry at Oistins Fish Fry is the place to be. Enjoy fresh tuna, swordfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, lobster and more, grilled or fried up in front of your eyes. It's not just fish to enjoy, but a range of art and craft stalls and of course, bubbling music and a lively dancefloor.

Vicky from VickyFlipFlopTravels visited here during her time in Barbados and commented: "Every Friday in Barbados the Oistins Fish Fry is the place to be. It's basically a big fish BBQ with music, dancing and a chilled festival atmosphere. It's so popular it's just getting bigger and bigger, for locals and tourists.

"I thought it was great here, with all the different foods to try, the music and the performances on stage. It was a real family place with a great atmosphere. It's also a great introduction to Barbados food. For many people, Oistins Fish Fry is an absolute highlight of the whole Barbados foodie experience."

QP Bistro, Saint James

It's not just amazing Barbadian cuisine you can find whilst travelling on this Caribbean Island, as QP Bistro shows. Masters in the delicate flavours of Italy, discover a full a-la-carte menu of Italian cuisine include oven-fired pizza and homemade pasta.

Looking for something really special? Every Wednesday, QP put on their 'Dine & Dance' event where local band Ubique are on-hand to entertain guests all through the night so you can enjoy an amazing meal and then break out your dancing shoes.

Sandy Lane, Saint James

You may not think of afternoon tea as a must-do activity when on any Caribbean Island, but Sandy Lane makes a great argument for why it should be. The restaurant here is more than just afternoon tea, of course, but it's the afternoon tea that people come far and wide for and what makes the location one of the best on the island.

Just like with The Lone Star, you don't need to only pay Sandy Lane a short visit and can stay here during your trip to Barbados. The west coast is known for being the best place on the island for a luxury holiday, and Sandy Lane is the most elite choice there - not only is Rihanna a big fan, but she lives right next door. So, if it's the best-of-the-best you want for your trip, look no further.
Sandy Lane Beach with light blue waters and yellow sands
Sandy Lane Beach

Sea Shed, Bridgetown

Situated right on Mullins Beach in Bridgetown, Sea Shed is a trendy place to eat and drink, letting you enjoy the sand between your toes whilst you do. The menu changes throughout the year in order to serve up the freshest options, but some of the signature dishes you can look forward to are grilled lobster tail, spicy octopus risotto and parmesan truffle fries.

Sea Shed pride themselves on offering a laid-back beach vibe where you can really relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings, delicious food and tasty cocktails. If you aren't feeling overly hungry, you can still enjoy the setting with a rosé in-hand on one of their beach loungers. Or, on Sundays, take it up a notch as a DJ brings the venue to life to ensure both travellers and locals can finish the week with a bang.

The Tides, Holetown

Set within a coral stone, Barbadian home built shortly after the 2nd World War, The Tides Restaurant in Holetown is certainly boutique. Divided into a range of intimate key sections, the seaside location means that an evening meal here is one you won't forget quickly. Whether you dine in the Tree House, the Centre Lanai, the Gazebo, the Cocktail Bar or the Courtyard Outdoor Lounge, you can expect a high level of service, and of course, food.

Being a seafront restaurant in the Caribbean, it's only natural that The Tides specialises in fresh seafood including fresh, grilled lobster and a catch of the day. As well as that, you can enjoy a range of meat and vegetarian and vegan options, or even a British-inspired Sunday Lunch menu if you're missing your home comforts!

Discover your own Barbados...

Although this article focuses on the very best of Bajan cuisine, there is much more to Barbados than its food. As well as bright-blue seas and long, sun-warmed beaches like you'd expect from a Caribbean island holiday, Barbados boasts amazing natural attractions, the chance to visit historic sites and the opportunity to take on some exhilarating adventures.
When it comes to luxury holidays in Barbados, we can match you with the perfect accommodation whether it's a family holiday in the sun you're looking for or a romantic getaway with the person you love. All of our Caribbean holidays are hand-crafted by our area experts and offer the best experiences on offer, ready for you to enjoy the vacation of your dreams.

If you are looking for luxury villa rentals but aren't decided on a destination, our travel advisors can help you uncover the perfect holiday destination for you, simply get in touch.

As travel experts, we are always on hand to share our destination advice and recommendations. For more articles like this, check out our luxury travel magazine.

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