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Luxury Travel Experiences in Australia: Turn Trials to Treats

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14-Nov-2023 Laura Curtis

Luxury Travel Experiences in Australia: Turn Trials to Treats

Away from the screen is a world of luxury...

As I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! returns to our screens this Sunday, the show also returns to the jungles of Australia. After bouts in Wales and South Africa, the survival reality show is set to bring its thrilling trials and famous faces back to the bush!
Each year, I'm A Celebrity brings with it a new host of challenges for its competitors to face. But outside of the show, Australia offers a world of luxury. Away from the Witchetty Grubs are exclusive retreats, awe-inspiring beauty and unforgettable experiences (unforgettable for the right reasons!).
If you want to dive into the more magical side of this diverse country, these are some of the top luxury travel experiences in Australia that can have you living like a celeb instead.

World-Renowned Tastings Instead of The Eating Trial

Swap bugs and eyeballs for locally grown produce and iconic wines. Australia produces a huge variety of fresh produce across its vast and diverse landscape, from high-quality seafood like oysters and prawns to vibrant and aromatic herbs and spices. And it's not just the food that tempts epicureans here! Australia is home to more than 2,400 wineries including many world-famous bottles. From the luscious Chardonnay to a rich Pinot Noir, these regional offerings are sure to please the palate.

Snorkel The Seas Instead of Underwater Trial

Western Australia's Ningaloo Coast is home to the surreal beauty of one of the world's most spectacular coral reef systems. Just below the surface of this protected reef is an enchanting world of colourful coral gardens and majestic marine life that is waiting to be discovered.
Rather than the intensity of I'm A Celebrity's underwater trials, many of the exclusive retreats in the area such as Sal Salis Ningaloo promise captivating adventures. You will have access to the equipment needed to snorkel the waters, but if you want to go further out, you will also have access to private boat charters, sea kayaking and swimming with sharks!

Take A Helicopter Tour Instead of Walking the Plank

Australia may be a large country, but it has a collection of natural wonders to match. Across the country's diverse terrains are surreal landscapes that can almost seem endless. Whilst it may not be the first choice for those afraid of heights, Australia's array of helicopter tours makes sure you get to see these sights in all their glory, and of course with a touch of luxury.
From flying over the clear waters and colourful corals of the famous Great Barrier Reef to seeing the ancient sandstone formation of Uluru, more commonly known as Ayers Rock from above, seeing Australia from this thrilling point of view is sure to make your experience extraordinary.
Great Barrier Reef

Meet The Friendly Faces Instead of Creepy Crawlies

With natural parks in abundance and a host of famous inhabitants, Australia is the perfect place for wildlife encounters. Unlike the insects that the celebs will have to face, these friendly faces are truly a sight to behold.
There are many luxury hotels that have nature on their doorstep, giving guests have great chances of spotting kangaroos, wombats and possums throughout their stay!
Those in search of these encounters though should make a visit to Rottnest Island to see the country's smiling Quokkas. And of course, it's no surprise that Kangaroo Island is home to many of the country's most famous creatures, but you can also spot wallabies, koalas and even dolphins here.
Kangaroo Island
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