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Haunted Havens and Spooky Stays: Halloween Luxury Travel Inspiration

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31-Oct-2023 Laura Curtis

Haunted Havens and Spooky Stays: Halloween Luxury Travel Inspiration

Four destinations that are sure to bewitch...

Halloween is all about indulging in the abnormal; welcoming us into the world of weird and wonderful. And like travel, it certainly awakens a more playful side in all of us. While this time of year is traditionally associated with carved pumpkins, costumes and haunted houses, we're adding our Elegant twist!
Some of the most enchanting destinations around the world are also home to legendary tales of mysterious happenings, dark histories and uncanny occurrences. This Halloween, step beyond the ordinary. Let your travel experiences be not only a feast for the senses but a dalliance with the unknown.
Read on to discover some luxury stays that carry the spirit of the season.. if you dare.

Hegra, AlUla

This desert sanctuary is a serene escape for any time of year. AlUla is a destination where ancient history, natural beauty and peaceful seclusion come together for a truly unique experience. But with 200,000 years of history, there is a lot more to be discovered here.
Hegra is Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place that weaves together the threads of history and intrigue. Scattered with remnants of ancient civilisations, a guided tour of Hegra will take visitors on an exploration of the archaeological wonders of bygone eras; from 1st Century BCE carvings to the remains of Roman walls that once encircled the city.
One of the key points of interest at Hegra is the intricately decorated tombs that families would purchase for their next generation. With a guided tour, you'll learn more about these captivating sandstone resting places, and the shroud of mystery and superstition that they carry. Amid their decorative carvings is a warning to visitors who may wish to overstep their welcome, vowing to place a curse on anyone who enters without permission.

Boston, USA

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston holds a captivating history. Though at Halloween, there is an extra touch of intrigue to this bustling hub of New England.
While the many bygone centuries of Boston is apparent in its archival spots like the Central Burying Ground and the graveyards along the Freedom Trail, this city is also the birthplace of the legendary Edgar Allan Poe. Poe's dark and haunting tales continue to captivate readers and inspire a sense of mystery and wonder, making Boston a fitting place to celebrate Halloween. You can even find a bronze statue in his honour across from the Boston Common.
Boston Common in Autumn
What's more, just a short and scenic drive from Boston is the city of Salem. A must-do for spooky stories, Salem's supernatural history and the corresponding sites like the Witch House and the Salem Witch Trials Memorial are sure to envelop you in the spirit of the season.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a city that is renowned for its seamless intertwining of the past and present. Thousands of travellers flock to see its ancient sites, and awe at the impact of one of the world's greatest civilisations.
In the heart of this eternal city stands the iconic Colosseum. Today, its towering arches have become weathered by time, but in its prime, this gargantuan battleground witnessed bloody brawls in front of emperors, executions and wild animal fights. Its violent past tells chilling stories, but as the grandeur of the Colosseum turned into a tourist hotspot, it is thought that there may be lingering spirits within its ancient walls.

Ta Prohm, Cambodia

In the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia is Ta Prohm - a 12th-century temple complex that has become a must-see destination. Surrounded by a dense jungle, the temple is a breathtaking sight with towering trees and crumbling ruins.
Once a thriving centre of worship, the impressive structures of Ta Prohm were abandoned in the 15th century. It remains unknown why this site became disused, but after centuries of seclusion, the land reclaimed it, with trees splitting the temple's walls and roots wrapping themselves around the stone pillars. Its eerie vistas and unexplained history combine for a surreal travel experience that is perfect for Halloween.
So, why not treat yourself to some extraordinary travel experiences inspired by the spooky season?
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