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Experience Barbados - The Gem of The Caribbean Sea

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27-Sep-2022 Lou Fox

Experience Barbados - The Gem of The Caribbean Sea

There's nowhere else quite like it...

Barbados, the most easterly island of the Caribbean Archipelago, leaves a lasting impression on all those who visit. Home to idyllic beaches bordered by azure ocean, swaying palm trees and indulgent resorts, a luxury holiday to Barbados offers a number of different adventures and plenty to pique your interest both day and night. Read on to discover the ultimate holiday experiences, no matter your holiday style...

The Ultimate Bajan Foodie Experience...

With culinary arts in Barbados offering something truly special, visitors can experience a unique amalgamation of Indian, English and African influence combined with the availability of freshly grown local produce. Not only is the food in Barbados amazing, but the island is also known for its drinks and there are plenty of amazing Bajan cocktails to sample whilst you unwind too. The national dish is cou-cou and flying fish, a time-honoured tradition that has family recipes passed down from generation to generation. It's the type of dish that locals will remember their grandparents cooking up for them on a Sunday afternoon, with warm and mellow flavours, it's well worth seeking out when you visit the island. For a luxury experience that fuses European and Caribbean cuisine, with a menu that offers ingenuity and flair, The Lone Star Boutique Hotel & Restaurant is the place to go. Overlooking the beach, you can enjoy an elevated dining experience with the high level of service and exclusivity the hotel is known for whether you are a guest or not.
Man serving food
Delicious food
Barbados beach sign - 'Please leave nothing but your footprints'
Barbados beach sign

An Adventure of a Lifetime...

While most of us would be content to simply exist in this tropical paradise, those seeking adventure can head outside and make the most of everything this beautiful island has to offer! Spend your days in paradise learning to surf the turquoise waters, grab your logbook and head to the depths for some wreck diving, or lose yourself amongst stalactites and stalagmites at the magnificent Harrison's Cave.

For the best way to see the island, join the EBike Island Adventure Tour and experience the side of Barbados not often seen. Though relatively a flat island, Barbados still boasts many impressive hills, winding roads and bends for those looking for a challenge. Adventure lovers can navigate rugged terrain, grassy hills, and country back roads all with help from the e-bike. Alternatively, stay on the flatter routes for the opportunity to look around at the greenery and scenic countryside while you bike. On this tour, navigate rugged terrain, grassy hills, and country back roads all with help from your e-bike.
People in Harrison's Cave, Barbados
Harrison's Cave, Barbados
Country back road in Barbados
Country back road in Barbados

Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

An unspoilt haven for some of the Earth's most precious creatures and landscapes, Barbados is the perfect destination for those looking to reconnect with nature. Take the time to explore the island and discover a fascinating array of flora and fauna, thriving wildlife and unforgettable nature experiences that you won't find anywhere else. Swim with the magnificent leatherback and hawksbill turtles, head to the wild and wonderful East Coast for brilliant walks and beachcombing, immerse yourself in the sweet aromas of beautiful Caribbean botanical gardens or try and spot Green Monkeys as they search for snacks.

For something extra special, engross yourself in nature with a visit to Coco Hill Forrest, spreading over 53 acres with more than 1,400 trees of all varieties. An unspoilt place of serenity and tranquillity, Coco Hill Forrest boasts a wealth of nature-based activities, perfect for those who want to reconnect with their surroundings. Calm and rejuvenate yourself as you walk through this peaceful forest and disconnect from everyday distractions with self-guided tours and relaxing forest bath experiences, hike through the tree-lined trails and paths as you spot fruit trees, spices, root crops, medicinals and other interesting fauna, or head to the forest gazebo for the perfect picnic spot as the trees dance in the breeze.
Green Monkey
Green Monkey
Family looking over Coco Hill Barbados
Coco Hill Barbados

Take a Step Back in Time...

The history and culture of Barbados is unique and no place highlights this more than the thriving capital, Bridgetown. With deep historical roots that Barbadians are proud to showcase, Bridgetown and its Garrison boast a treasure chest of historical sites and architectural charms and are proudly on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with around 115 listed buildings representing a worthy collection of history, art, vernacular architecture and a very distinguished era of military colonial history.

To experience all that Bridgetown has to offer, a walking tour is a fantastic way to discover the food heritage, historic sites, and hidden gems of this beautiful Caribbean island. Wander through the meandering roads as you take in the sites as an experienced local tour guide shows you as many pieces of Barbados' history as possible. Highlights include the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson, the Nindhe Israel Synagogue, the Screw Dock and the Barbados Parliament House.
The Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown
The Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown
Old Town Hall, Bridgetown
Old Town Hall, Bridgetown
Did you know that we have expert concierge staff in Barbados on hand to look after you from the moment you arrive in your resort until you bid goodbye to the island? Their first-hand knowledge of the local area means they can make personal recommendations to suit you and your interests - whether an eye-opening excursion, reservations at a top restaurant, or insider knowledge on the best spot for watching the sunset.

By booking a luxury Barbados holiday through Elegant, you can rest assured that you'll be able to make the most of every second of your time on the island. And, with hotels and resorts on offer like the exclusive Sandy Lane and extravagant Crystal Spring to name a few, you'll be sure to be able to enjoy the finest of accommodation.

Check out our luxury travel blog to learn more about amazing destinations in Barbados and elsewhere around the world and get inspiration from destination experts.
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