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Australia From All Angles

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13-Aug-2023 Karl Page

Australia From All Angles

Explore this stunning country from the very best angles...

Australia is a country of outstanding natural beauty, rugged and dramatic coastlines, quiet and secluded coves, and deep blue waters full of mysterious creatures. It really is a paradise on Earth. The timeless landscape is something to behold, and dotted with bustling cities, it needs to be explored to be appreciated. It is impossible to see everything Australia offers in one trip, but with Elegant Resorts, you can see the very best of the landscape, whether by land, sea, air or four-by-four.

Whether you want to see the coastal beauty from a cruise ship, get a bird's eye view from the air or witness the magnificence of the land from a train or the road, read this guide to find out which option is best suited to you on a luxury holiday to Australia .

Travelling Australia by Train

A red sand valley in Australia
A red sand valley in Australia
One amazing way to experience the true beauty of the Australian landscape up close and personal is by train. Follow in the footsteps of bush pioneers, gold rush prospectors, and legendary adventurers as you travel this vast country by rail, sweeping through the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Luxury rail travel is an incredible way to see a new destination, allowing you to travel from point to point whilst taking in your surroundings. When travelling by rail in Australia, you can enjoy one-off experiences from wine tasting in the famed Barossa Valley, to dinner beneath the stars on the plains of remote Rawlinna. And, when on board, you can look forward to complimentary gourmet meals with regional inspiration, fine wine and other luxuries.

There are two incredible rail journeys in Australia that need to be seen to be believed. The Ghan cuts through the rich red landscapes of Australia and offers you a glimpse of this country many travellers don't get to see. Travelling between Adelaide and Darwin, you'll be able to journey from the South Coast to the Northern Territory in luxury .

There is also the stunning Indian Pacific, travelling across the country from Perth in the West to Sydney in the East. This luxury rail experience winds a beautiful route across the country, and you'll be able to enjoy a range of experiences as you ride from coast to coast.

If you're looking to sit back and take in the real beauty of Australia, then a journey by train is the ultimate option.

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Travelling Australia by Sea

Large lake cruise near Kimberley in Australia
Going ashore
One thing that Australia is known for is its famous coastline that combines rugged cliffs, soft sand beaches and famous surf, so why not experience some of your favourite Australian locations by water? With Elegant Resorts you can spend a week exploring fascination regions on a luxury cruise expedition unlike any other.

Discover one of the most remote areas of Australia, Kimberley, which is situated in the northwestern corner of the country, on our True North cruise experience. Before setting sail, you'll spend time in Western Australia's laid-back capital, Perth, as well as exploring the tropical city of Broome.

A cruising experience with Elegant is nothing short of breathtaking as one of the most luxurious cruise boats picks you up and whisks you out onto crystal clear waters. These boats are magnificent, complete with onboard helicopters, luxury dining areas, and comfortable and spacious bedrooms equipped with everything you could need for a pleasurable stay. The luxuries don't stop there, as well as sitting back and relaxing on the seas, you'll get to fuel your body with adrenalin on a selection of thrilling experiences, including tender rides around the bays, adventure boats and getting up close and personal to powerful waterfalls as they crash down the rocks right next to the boat.

RECOMMENDED CRUISE: True North: Cruising the Kimberly

Travelling Australia by Air

If you have your own plane or want to hire a private charter to get to and from your chosen destinations, we can do all the preparation and planning for you, so you can sit back and relax on your holiday, just let us know your travel plans, where you're planning to go and when.

We're partnered with Air Adventure, who have been offering flying experiences over the outback for over 45 years and know everything there is to see in the local area. You'll get to do so much more as you land right in the heart of some of Australia's most remote destinations, many of which are not even accessible by road.

Travelling Australia by Four-by-Four

Four-by-four on the road in the outback
Australia is known for many things, but nothing more so than the outstanding selection of wildlife that call the country home. Many of the animals you find in Australia you can't find anywhere else in the world, so catching a glimpse of them is rather breathtaking and we really don't think there is a better way to see these animals up close and personal or to appreciate the wilderness around you than by four-by-four.

Travel to some of the most remote locations in the outback where many will never get to travel, see stunning, deep red and dusty landscapes and catch a glimpse of kangaroos, dingos, crocodiles and snakes. You can enjoy all of these amazing experiences in the company of a trained expert who will be able to guide you and offer unique facts and insights into some of the wonderful animals that will surround you.

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Looking for a holiday that culminates all of the amazing experiences we have discussed above? Then you're in luck as we've combined our very best, road, rail, sea and air experiences to create the ultimate Australia from all angles experience.

You'll start off by exploring the magical sights of Sydney and embracing the beauty of the Blue Mountains. You'll then take the unforgettable Indian Pacific train journey along the southern coast to Perth whilst enjoying various stops along the way where you can enjoy a plethora of activities and experiences. Your magical Australian adventure will end besides the UNESCO-listed Ningaloo Marine Park, home to a wealth of incredible wildlife that you'll be able to see up close and personal.

We really don't think there is a better way to see Australia whilst also enjoying the very best luxuries and experiences that this magical land has to offer.

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If you're planning a luxury holiday to Australia and want to explore it in a unique and luxurious way, then we are sure this guide has given you some ideas on how you can see this wonderful country from a whole new perspective.

For more wonderful articles that are bound to inspire, then make sure you head to our luxury travel blog .
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