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Adventurous Encounters for Every Type of Traveller in AlUla

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10-Dec-2022 Lou Fox

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 Adventurous Encounters for Every Type of Traveller in AlUla

Find adventure around every corner...

Famed for its unique landscapes, AlUla offers adventurous experiences for every type of traveller - from heart-racing ziplines that spark your adrenaline to 4x4 adventures across the desert. In this spectacular region - which is roughly the size of Wales - each place is an adventure and each journey creates an unforgettable experience.

With new experiences to get your blood pumping every day, we've compiled a list of some of our favourite bucket-list adventures in AlUla.

1. Enjoy a Unique Helicopter Tour of AlUla

Take to the skies with an experience not to be missed - a helicopter tour of AlUla's spectacular landscapes. Create everlasting memories and view the world from a new angle during an impressive 30-minute helicopter tour. Your trip will start at the AlFursan Visitor Centre and will offer a completely different viewpoint of the iconic landmarks of this region. Let your expert guide share secrets about the local area as you take in sites such as Elephant Rock, Hegra, the Hijaz Railway, Dadan and Jabal Ikmah, AlUla Old Town and Maraya, soaring across vibrant landscapes and picturesque valleys.

2. Experience the Sharaan Nature Reserve on a 4x4 Safari

Take in the soaring red-rock canyons and miles of beautiful valleys at the Sharaan Nature Reserve with a 4x4 experience created to highlight the treasure trove of natural wonders, exploring soaring red-rock canyons, sprawling desert landscapes and miles of picturesque valleys carpeted in delicate wildflowers. The impressive 1,500 square kilometres of land is a rich rewilding project which offers visitors the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of AlUla as you sip a local tea and spot the impressive, red-necked ostriches as they show off their majestic plumage and watch the regal Nubian ibex graze on leaves and grasses.

3. Take to AlUla's Hiking Trails

Home to incredible surroundings and impressive rock formations, take the opportunity to gaze in awe at the stunning natural surroundings on one of AlUla's many hiking trails. Boasting a wide choice of hiking trails of various length and difficulty, let your experienced guide lead you past dramatic canyons, wonderful scenery and unique flora and fauna. Head to the Adventure Trail and discover its rugged landscapes, enjoy the AlUla Hidden Valley Hike and revel in the tranquil ambience that surrounds you on the 4km walk, or embark on the Ridge Walk which offers spectacular views of the AlUla Valley.

4. Experience the Kingdom's Most Thrilling Zipline

Soar over ancient peaks on Harrat mountain on AlUla's exhilarating ziplines, flying a total of 1.5km and reaching speeds of 120 kilometres per hour as you take in the magnificent desert scenery during this one-hour experience. Ideal for those over 12, this once-in-a-lifetime experience is a 'must-do' when visiting AlUla. This impressive zipline allows you to experience AlUla in a whole new way, taking you to new heights and offering the best view of the stunning surroundings and incredible scenery of the AlUla mountains. Not for the faint-hearted, this zipline was recently extended and is now officially the longest and fastest in Saudi Arabia, racing through the sky for an adrenaline filled adventure.

5. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping with a Thrilling Buggy Ride

Let your adventurous side roam free with an adrenaline fuelled UTV buggy experience, taking you across the high sand dunes and challenging terrain of the AlUla desert. Get ready for a wild ride as experienced guides drive you off the beaten path, seeing a new side of AlUla as you race through narrow canyons and over the sandy landscape in these open-air buggies.

6. Abseil Down AlUla's Magnificent Mountain Landscapes

Whether you're an experienced climbing pro or have never scaled down a mountain before, abseiling at AlUla is an adventure opportunity that should not be missed. Safely secured in a harness, helmet and gloves, fuel your adrenaline as you edge down some of the region's astounding mountainous landscapes on this outdoor journey of a lifetime. Whether you choose to take it slowly or speed down, your expert guide will be on hand throughout the entire experience to make sure everything you do is safe and to offer you encouragement, should you need it.
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