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World-Class Wellness Retreats at Carlisle Bay, Antigua

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09-Feb-2021 Amy Henderson

World-Class Wellness Retreats at Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Combining holistic wellness with five-star luxury...

Contemporary, chic and flaunting a captivating coastal location, Carlisle Bay promises a luxury Antigua holiday filled with delightfully designed suites, a blissful sandy beach, fabulous food and memories to cherish - no matter whether you're travelling as a couple, family, friends or seeing the world solo. If all that wasn't enough, this peaceful hideaway embraces its serenity, seclusion and laid-back Antiguan vibe, offering world-class wellness retreats with a holistic health expert...

Introducing: Zoe Nash

You'll be in the very best of hands with Zoe Nash, a professionally certified acupuncturist, yoga teacher and expert in holistic medicine, as well as holder of a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. From remote Nepalese villages to super-yachts in the Caribbean, she has travelled far and wide in her career, dedicated to providing an authentic, effective and utterly transformative wellness experience for absolutely everyone she coaches.

Integrative Health Weeks 2021

A duo of week-long health retreats is scheduled for February/March and June/July 2021, inviting you on a unique wellness journey that centres around the Taoist belief that each individual is made up of the five sacred elements of Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. There to guide you every step of the way, Zoe will first carry out a holistic health consultation in order to plan the perfect personalised treatments for your body and goals. As well as welcome and closing sharing circles to start and end the week, twice daily you'll be invited to take part in a range of creative yoga, deep breathing and meditation sessions, designed by Zoe to promote a feeling of vitality, energy, balance and relaxation, while in keeping with those five important elements...
Earth | Qualities: Foundation, balance and nourishment | Yoga style: Vinyasa practice to build a strong foundation, focusing on alignment and stability
Fire | Qualities: Power, creativity and vitality | Yoga style: Invigorating Vinyasa to stoke the fire within, focusing on creating heat and opening the heart
Metal | Qualities: Breathing, depth and letting go | Yoga style: Breathe and flow to open the lungs, focusing on shoulder stability and twists
Water | Qualities: Adaptability, softness and wisdom | Yoga style: Creative flow to tune in to the breathing and move the body, focusing on spine and backbends for the kidneys
Wood | Qualities: Expression, strength and flexibility | Yoga style: Liberating Vinyasa practice for the liver, focusing on expansion, embracing expression and opening the hips


26 Feb-28 Mar, 13-17 Jun, 15-21 October, 24-30 November and 1-5 December 2021.

What's included?

An all-inclusive suite stay at Carlisle Bay with 'Nourishing Nutrition' menus throughout and access to the beach and leisure facilities. You can also enjoy five Vinyasa yoga sessions, five gentle/restorative yoga/meditation sessions, an initial health consultation and two personalised holistic treatments.

Year-Round Wellness Retreats

If those dates don't work for you, Carlisle Bay has also introduced a new personalised health retreat programme that you can add to your stay no matter when you visit! Again, Zoe will be there to share her expertise in holistic health and yoga, hosting a range of yoga styles - including Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra and Pranyama. A fabulously focused 1-1 consultation through the lens of Chinese medicine will help her decide which treatments are best for you, as well as offering personalised guidance on how to improve your lifestyle and health going forwards. Therapies include...


What? The gentle use of tiny needles into specific points along the body in order to enable qi, or energy, to flow freely, which allows the body to naturally rebalance, heal and revitalize.

Why? It is a deeply relaxing and clinically proven treatment for neurological and digestive complaints, muscular and skeletal pain, and stress.

Cupping, Moxibustion and Gua Sha

What? Cupping involves the application of cups to specific acupuncture points on the body, targeting areas experiencing pain beneath the tissues. Moxibustion is an age-old therapy that uses dried herbs or charcoal to warm points across the body, while Gua Sha uses a tool to gently stroke the skin.

Why? All three of these ancient treatments aim to create a relaxing sensation, relieve muscle pain, activate the immune system and improve circulation.

Myofascial Release Therapy

What? A super slow, deep, intuitive massage technique using no (or very little) oil to target the tissue beneath the skin and pressure points.

Why? This specialised therapy is used to relieve physical tightness in the joints and muscles.

Chi Nei Tsang

What? An ancient abdominal organ massage system which naturally assists the body to release stress and toxins.

Why? Chi Nei Tsang can help to prevent and support treatment of a number of conditions including digestive complaints and insomnia, while also promoting lymphatic drainage and rebalance in the body.

What's included in the retreat?

Five sessions of either Vinyasa yoga, gentle & restorative yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and meditation. It also includes an initial health consultation and two personalised holistic treatments.

CARA Organic Beauty Spa

If you don't fancy a dedicated health retreat but could do with a little extra relaxation, you can still channel the calming island vibe of Antigua at the CARA Organic Beauty Spa. This oasis of calm has partnered with ESPA, a world-renowned wellness brand that focuses on holistic wellbeing and organic products. Relish a regenerating, refining or firming facial, or more focused treatments like eye lifts or skin analyses, all utilising natural skincare products that work deep beneath the surface for intensive long-term care. In the quietest corner of the resort's tropical gardens, find the yoga pavilion for glorious guided sessions from sunrise to sunset.
CARA Organic Beauty Spa
CARA Organic Beauty Spa
Amy Henderson

Amy Henderson


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