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What to Eat When You Are in Morocco

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23-Aug-2023 Karl Page

What to Eat When You Are in Morocco

Learn what to order in the home of fragrant flavours

When it comes to cuisine, this North African nation is hard to beat. With fragrant flavours and a range of influences, the food here is warming, indulgent and delicious. Boasting Maghreb cuisine, Morocco's culinary prowess is a mixture of Berber, Andalusian, Mediterranean and Arab influences which offers a distinctive and unique flavour profile.

Those enjoying a luxury holiday to Morocco will surely be overwhelmed with choices when looking at menus or walking the iconic souks in cities like Marrakech and Casablanca. For those visiting, we've compiled a list of must-try food and drink to ensure you don't miss something unforgettable on your trip.

What to Eat When You Are in Morocco

Chicken tagine served with bread
Chicken tagine served with bread


One of the most popular dishes in North Africa is tagine, also known as a tajine. Named after the distinctive pot used to cook it, tagine is less a singular dish and more a style of cooking and preparation. A typical tagine is a slow-cooked, savoury stew that's fragrantly flavoured with fruits, nuts and delicious spices. Often served with bread, tagines can be cooked up with a range of meats or vegetarian options.

This is something that Elise Armitage, a travel blogger at What The Fab, recommends people try whilst visiting Morocco. Elise explained: "When visiting Morocco, you'll definitely have to try traditional tagine. You'll find tagine in most restaurants, and there are many different variations of the dish, but the traditional chicken and lemon version was my favourite.

Elise had a second recommendation for us: "You also must try lamb mechoui, which is prepared by roasting a whole lamb over a fire or in a pit in the ground. Since it's slow-roasted for hours, many restaurants that have mechoui on the menu require that you request it a day ahead of time."


Couscous has been a staple of Moroccan cuisine for years and is very popular across all of North Africa. You'll find it prepared in a range of ways during your time in Morocco, served alongside stews with meats and vegetables. One thing to remember if you do order couscous when in Morocco is that it's traditionally eaten by hand, and with your right hand at that, so make sure you do as the locals do!

Zac and Ine, travel bloggers at World Wild Hearts , recommend couscous as a must-try when in Morocco, explaining: "You have to try couscous when visiting Morocco! The dish comes in many different forms but usually includes veggies, meat, and tfaya."

For those enjoying a luxury holiday in Marrakech , they offer a great restaurant perfect for sampling couscous and other local cuisine: "If you're in Marrakech, you should check out the authentic Moroccan restaurant called Chez Brahim Restaurant. You can find live music there in the evenings and really fresh couscous. It's a great atmosphere."
Close-up of chermoula
Close-up of chermoula


As well as amazing dishes, Moroccan cuisine also features some amazing flavours brought through in marinades and condiments. One such condiment is chermoula. A zingy and flavourful sauce, chermoula can be used as both a condiment and a marinade, flavouring dishes. Made with a range of herbs, some spices and lemon juice, it's a flavourful addition to most meals. When visiting Morocco, you'll likely find chermoula used as a marinade on seafood dishes especially. However, it can also be used on other meats or just as a dressing on meals and salads.


During a day of exploring, you might want to pick up a quick bite to eat to keep you energised before your next proper meal. In that case, you're looking for some street food. When it comes to street food in Morocco, there are plenty of options, but we recommend you seek out maakouda.

Maakouda are essentially fried potato balls spiced and coloured with turmeric. You might find maakouda batata served by themselves or as a filling in a baguette with salad and harissa. Perfect for those who want a quick snack, maakouda are naturally vegetarian and are perfect for keeping you fuelled for exploring.
Freshly cooked Maakouda
Moroccan Maakouda


For those with a sweet tooth, amlou is the perfect thing to pick up whilst in Morocco. Traditionally pressed using a hand mill, you might want to stock up and bring some home after you try it! Similar to peanut butter in look and consistency, amlou is an almond, honey and argan oil paste that is the ideal breakfast accoutrement.

Travel blogger Jill on Journey recommended amlou when we spoke to her, explaining: "Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you shouldn't miss out on trying amlou - a traditional Moroccan dip or spread made from toasted almonds, argan oil, and honey. You can enjoy it with freshly baked flatbread, with pancakes, or in a special amlou dessert, such as a cake or even ice cream.

"Amlou originates from Southern Morocco, traditionally using a stone mill for grinding the almonds and then adding oil from the argan tree that only grows in Morocco as well as some honey for the sweetness. If you can't get enough, buy a glass from a local vendor and enjoy the Moroccan almond butter also at home."
Making amlou on a handmill
Making amlou on a handmill

Mint Tea

It's not just impressive foods that Morocco is home to; those visiting the country should also be sure to try mint tea here at least once. Just like in England, tea is a very important part of the culture in the whole Maghreb region of Africa, but instead of a breakfast blend, Moroccans favour mint tea.

Made from the native spearmint, nana, the preparation and serving of mint tea can only be described as a ceremony. Poured from a height, the tea is traditionally served three times following an old Maghrebi proverb: The first glass is as bitter as life, the second is as strong as love, and the third is as soothing as death. So, be ready to drink up!

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There are plenty of amazing places to eat in Morocco, from restaurants such as the previously mentioned Chez Brahim in Marrakech to street food stalls and vendors in souks. We spoke to Cecily from Groovy Mashed Potatoes , who recommended another: "Try dining at restaurants that throw an innovative twist on Moroccan cuisine, like Le Bistro Arabe in Marrakech. The creative dishes by Moroccan celebrity chef, Myriam Ettahri, pair perfectly with the live jazz that plays in the background."

Those who are planning a trip to Morocco can be certain that they'll be able to experience some incredible flavours and unique dishes they've not tried elsewhere before. Whether you're enjoying a wellness resort or a family holiday here, we urge you to venture out and sample some of the amazing cuisine on offer for yourself.

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For more articles, from culinary guides to first-hand holiday stories, be sure to check out our luxury travel blog.
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