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Three Destinations Safe for LGBTQIA+ Travels

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06-Jun-2023 Laura Curtis

Three Destinations Safe for LGBTQIA+ Travels

Holidays where you can relax and be yourself...

Travel should be a source of joy, connection and unforgettable memories for everyone. So, we're sharing some of the best holiday destinations for the LGBTQIA+ community during pride season and beyond! Whether you're touring ancient towns together, soaking up the sun rays or enjoying a meal with your loved one, these are the places you can feel comfortable on your travels.


Como is a charming gem of Italy; it's quaint, romantic and LGBTQIA+ friendly. With welcoming locals and absolutely gorgeous views all around the water, Lake Como is an incredible (and easily accessible, with flights as short as sub-two hours!) LGBTQIA+ holiday destination. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a quintessentially Italian paradise, being a sublime Art Nouveau palace that embodies the charm and romance of Lake Como. Here, you'll find enchanting gardens, mouthwatering cuisine, well-appointed rooms and captivating moments - from sipping cocktails on your balcony to boat trips across the lake.
Grand Hotel Tremezzo Exterior


Welcoming LGBTQIA+ travellers with open arms, Iceland is considered one of the world's most LGBTQIA+-friendly countries. And it's also a great spot for a luxury holiday, with an array of incredible hotels and resorts. One of these is The Retreat at Blue Lagoon: an expertly designed, contemporary chic haven overlooking the mesmerising beauty of a mineral-rich lagoon. Swim in the geothermal pool, bathe in the enriched waters of the spa and relax in the unique Lava Cave. If you visit at the right time, you can even catch the Northern Lights from the hotel's outdoor terrace.
The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Hot Spring
Hot Spring


Like its sunny weather, Australia is known for being warm and welcoming. For a truly relaxed and unforgettable beach holiday, Lizard Island is a luxury resort that allows you to indulge in the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef. Soak up the sun on one of Lizard Island's 24 white-sand beaches, take to the water for a paddle in a glass-bottomed kayak or enjoy some eco experiences such as witnessing humpback whales and touring the famous Clam Gardens.
Lizard Island and beach

Bonus Holiday Inspiration!

Celebrity Cruises has been recognised as a leader in LGBTQIA+ travel, partnering with LGBTQIA+ advocacy organisations and offering a variety of LGBTQIA+-friendly activities, events and spaces on their ships. They have even received accolades for their efforts in providing a safe and inclusive experience on board their ships.

"For us 'all-inclusive' means that we create an environment where all travellers and crew are encouraged to embrace their true selves when they sail with us. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do."

- Claire Stirrup, Senior Director - Sales, UK & Ireland, Celebrity Cruises

Group on Beach from Celebrity Cruises All Inclusive Photo Project
Group on Beach from Celebrity Cruises All Inclusive Photo Project
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