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The Ten Best Restaurants in Antigua

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02-Aug-2022 Karl Page

The Ten Best Restaurants in Antigua

Home to delicious rum and fresh seafood, experience the best that Antigua has to offer...

The Caribbean islands are rich in fresh produce and with a fusion of cultures, the foodie scene here is exceptional. Each island has its own history and unique flavour profile, which means whether you choose to travel to the Bahamas or Bermuda, you'll find something new and exciting to explore.

If you are planning your luxury Caribbean holiday, then why not consider the laid-back island of Antigua? With a passion for the sea and sailing, if you are a lover of glamourous resorts and boutiques, white sand beaches, warm temperatures and water sports, Antigua will impress. A luxury holiday to Antigua is perfect for couples looking for a laid-back, romantic getaway, families who want to enjoy a trip filled with action or even the ideal tropical wedding destination.

Whilst in Antigua, you'll certainly want to enjoy the best dining on offer to make the most of your holiday, and so, we've listed the ten best restaurants, from fine dining establishments perfect for a celebration to local haunts providing simple but delicious options.

The Ten Best Restaurants in Antigua
The Ten Best Restaurants in Antigua
The ten best restaurants in Antigua:
  • Catherine's Café, Saint Paul
  • Cavell's Cook Shop, Saint Mary
  • Cecilia's High Point Café, Saint George
  • Colibri, Saint George
  • The Cove Restaurant, Saint John
  • Hemingway's Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Saint John
  • Incanto Restaurant and Lounge Bar, Saint Paul
  • Island Fusion Café, Saint Paul
  • Jacqui O's Beach House, Saint Mary
  • Sheer Rocks, Saint Mary

More About the Top Restaurants In Antigua

Catherine's Café, Saint Paul

With a menu inspired by French cuisine, Catherine's Café is a great spot on the west of the island for a lunch or dinner date. Dishes built around local produce, Catherine's is keen to champion local farmers, fishermen and food producers and you can get a real taste of Antiguan flavours here, fused with French influence. Described as dining "sur la plage" - on the beach - their waterside location also plays a big role in the menu and planning, as well as the enjoyment. Watch over Pigeon Point Beach as you enjoy delicious dishes and a wine menu to match.

When it comes to the food options, there is something for everyone here. The highlights are of course the seafood dishes, as you'd expect on any Caribbean Island. From clams to caviar, you can enjoy something really special when choosing from the dinner menu. During the day, if you are looking for something light, why not laze on one of the day beds and sample from the simple brunch and beach menu that features light lunches and bites, as well as ice cream?

Cavell's Cook Shop, Saint Mary

Cavell's Cook Shop, often also known as Auntie Cavell's, is a local favourite that many who visit the island don't know to visit. If you're looking for traditional Antiguan cuisine, then enjoying the food on offer here is a must and can give you a taste of the best of local flavours. From the outside, we have to admit, it may not look like much, in fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's just a shed if you drove by. However, once you look around and notice how many cars are pulled up outside to enjoy the offerings and the smiling faces leaving, you'll start to see how much of a phenomenon Cavell's is.

The menu is simple, but it doesn't need to be anything more as what they are cooking up in the kitchen is unforgettable. Pick a main from grilled lobster to oxtail and your sides including rice and mac pie. For the most authentic experience, eat in and sit on the steps with a cold beer in hand - just like the locals do.

Cecilia's High Point Café, Saint George

Run by its namesake, Cecilia's High Point Café in Saint George is a brilliant beach-side café that's often described as one of the island's 'must-visit' places. Be sure to check the opening times for Cecilia's before you visit, as they often take a season off during the summer months and reopen in late Autumn. The building itself is on the beach and has a homely and comfortable feel that's both relaxed and upscale at the same time. One of the star attractions of Cecilia's is Chief, the on-site "security" dog.

The food itself is as unique as the venue, with Caribbean and Swedish fusion on offer due to Cecilia's Swedish heritage. You'll find seasonal dishes making the most of the freshest produce on offer, the tuna and mahi mahi, if on the menu when you visit, are often applauded by visitors.

Colibri, Saint George

Tucked away in its own private garden, Colibri has a quaint charm and is a stunning setting for a delicious meal. In the evening, the courtyard is illuminated and it's a warm and romantic venue perfect for a special occasion. Be sure to check the opening times, as Colibri is another restaurant that closes during the off-season and reopens in the late autumn.

The food on offer is a mixture of French, Caribbean and Créole, with a range of great wines and cocktails to enjoy alongside your meal. Didier, the owner, is French and brings his influence and marries it up with the inspiration his wife gained by travelling the Caribbean. The menu changes daily depending on the local ingredients and produce available, but the lobster risotto is one of the frequent favourites when on offer.
 Antigua and Barbuda landscape in the sun
Antigua and Barbuda landscape in the sun

The Cove Restaurant, Saint John

A part of Blue Waters Resort & Spa, The Cove Restaurant is one of the best dining establishments on the island and is open to all, not just resort guests. Offering a blend of French and Caribbean cuisine, you can look out as you'll be situated on a waterside cliff-top whilst you dine. For those looking for somewhere special on a romantic trip, The Cove offers the intimate setting desired.

If you want something special for your meal, go for something from the 'Connoisseurs Choice' which presents you with a selection of the finest meat cuts available including 28-day aged beef, lobster tail and a rack of lamb. Or, the set menu offers a list of imaginative and delicious dishes created from local produce and the finest ingredients.

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Hemingway's Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Saint John

Another wonderful option for traditional Caribbean vibes and cuisine is Hemingway's Restaurant & Lounge. Situated in an 1800s ex-hotel, the West Indian-style building is bright and inviting and situated in the town, giving you the opportunity for people watching. The menu on offer has been crafted by Antiguan Chef Angela, who has helped blend the islands' spices and flavours with international cuisine.

When it comes to the food on offer, the dishes have a homemade feel about them thanks to the heritage Chef Angela brings to the making. The pepper pot is a strong favourite amongst visitors as it's a local and much-loved dish. For dessert, it's their key lime pie that takes the limelight and is the essential way to finish your meal here.

Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar, Saint Paul

It's only normal to want to experience a wide range of cuisine whilst you're away, and if you're craving Italian whilst on your Caribbean holiday then a trip to Incanto Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Saint Paul is a must. You might not expect to be able to get an authentic taste of Italy whilst in Antigua, but Incanto makes it possible.

The Italian chefs have worked tirelessly to create familiar and authentic meals. With a range of delicious pasta dishes which fuse the flavours of Italy with the local seafood offering, you can enjoy a romantic three-course meal as the fire blazes beside you and you overlook the sea - the ultimate romantic treat.

Island Fusion Café, Saint Paul

The best-reviewed restaurant on the whole island on TripAdvisor, Island Fusion does what it says on the tin and combines Afro-Caribbean and European cuisine to create a selection of amazing dishes you'll want to come back around to try again. Known locally as 'Sandra's' after the beloved owner, this is a fan favourite of those both on the island and visiting thanks to the tasty range of colourful dishes that are packed with flavour.

With a range of menu items including pizzas, burgers, salads and the main plates, you'll have plenty to choose from. If you want to enjoy the most popular dish on offer, it's the jerk pork you need to try, served up with rice and peas, salad and cornbread. If you're planning to visit Sandra's, make sure you do it early into your trip as you'll want to come back again for more!

Jacqui O's Beach House, Saint Mary

With a beach setting and relaxed atmosphere, Jacqui O's Beach House in Saint Mary is the ideal place for a long, leisurely lunch. As the name suggests, you can enjoy your meal with the sand between your toes and what a meal it'll be. Known for great food, great service and great prices, Jacqui O's is a great place to eat out whilst you're on the island.

The food on offer is delicious, with the paella being the star of the show. On top of the food, the cocktail menu here is one to enjoy with their in-house mixologists creating iced fruity tipples for you to enjoy under the warm sun. If you're on a family holiday in the Caribbean, then it's the perfect place for little ones as they can play on the beach whilst you sit sipping on drinks.

Sheer Rocks, Saint Mary

The sister café to Catherine's Café, Sheer Rocks on the west coast of the island is an idyllic location with a grand feel to it. Perched atop a rocky cliff, you can enjoy the beautiful vista as you enjoy delicious food and can even take in a gorgeous sunset at the end of the day. For something really special, get one of the private spaces where you'll have your own plunge pool ready for a dip before courses.

The menu features a range of great upscale options, including a tasting menu and plant-based tasting menu which give you the best of all of their offerings and is a great choice for those who want a truly unforgettable experience. Alongside the tasting menu, you can also enjoy a full menu of amazing starters, soups, pastas, mains and of course desserts. They also have 'experiences' on offer where you can enjoy a unique and romantic sunset experience.
Recliffe Quay, Antigua, at early dusk
Recliffe Quay, Antigua

Make the most of Antigua

Antigua isn't just a haven for foodies, although we're sure, after reading this article, you'll have a craving for some Antiguan cuisine. The island's affinity for the sea can be seen all over, from its world-famous regatta to its passion for water sports. You can also enjoy a more laid-back vibe than is on offer with some of the busier Caribbean islands, meaning you can make the most of the beautiful natural landscapes here.

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