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The Best Things to Do in Kenya

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29-Apr-2023 Karl Page

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The Best Things to Do in Kenya

Discover the most unique and unforgettable Kenyan experiences

Kenya is just one of the countries that make up the rich tapestry of Africa, and it's an exceptional place to see the very best of what the continent has to offer. Capturing much of what gives Africa its allure for travellers looking for an unforgettable experience, a luxury holiday to Kenya has a lot of appeal.

From amazing wellness resorts to luxury family hotels Kenya has holiday options for all and activities aplenty. If you are considering a trip to this stunning country, read on to discover the best things to do.

The Best Things to Do in Kenya

  • Go on a safari
  • Take in the night sky
  • Relax on the beach
  • Visit a Maasai village
  • Put on your hiking boots
Leopard in a tree in Nakuru National Park, Kenya
Leopard in tree in Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Go on a safari

How could we not start this article by discussing safaris? One of the main reasons (if not the main reason) people choose to travel to Kenya is the breathtaking wildlife. There are a wealth of amazing game reserves and national parks here, the most notable being the Masai Mara National Reserve. Witness elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo, leopards, wildebeest, hippos, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes, and many more.
If you're looking to see the wild side of Kenya, one brilliant resort option is Ol Pejeta Bush Camp on the banks of the Ewaso Nyrio River. In an intimate camp with only six tents, you'll experience an authentic safari - that means hot water bucket showers and meals served in the mess tent! An eco-friendly-focused resort, those who are conscious of the carbon footprint will be happy to hear that the camp uses solar energy and generators to power itself. Alex Hunter, the camp owner, will be on-hand for informative walks where you'll learn tracking skills and more about the flora in the area.
If you want to enjoy a safari whilst in Kenya but also other delights the country has to offer, then why not consider our itinerary- A Luxury Kenya Safari? You'll stay at three camps throughout your trip across the country, all with something unique to look forward to. Enjoy game drives with local guides, track animals when you explore the bush on foot and meet the local Maasai people.
The night sky over Kenya
The night sky over Kenya

Take in the night sky

Kenya is perfectly located for stargazing, and so, we encourage anyone choosing to visit the country - especially the more remote parts - to look skyward once the sun sets. Due to its proximity to the equator, Kenya is one of the few countries in the world where you can see both the northern and southern constellations.
If you opt for accommodation in more remote areas such as Lewa Wildlife Conservancy or Meru National Park, you'll be greeted each night with a blanket of stars above you, lighting up your surroundings and mesmerising. What's more, you'll be surrounded by a cacophony of sound as the plains come alive for the night, making the whole experience even more unique.
Stargazing can be an extremely romantic activity, perfect for those enjoying a romantic getaway or perhaps even a luxury honeymoon. Cuddle together under a blanket and watch for shooting starts, pointing out galaxies and constellations with one another in the rich, dark blue night sky.
Hammock in palm trees on a Kenyan beach
Hammock in palm trees on a Kenyan beach

Relax on a beach

What's a relaxing holiday without some time spent lying on the sand, we hear you ask? Well, don't fear, as Kenya's coastline stretches along the Indian Ocean, and so white sands and warm, turquoise waters are on hand to make your holiday dreams come true.
If you are looking to enjoy a luxury holiday to the Kenyan coastline, then we'd recommend Alfajiri Villas for an experience that'll make you feel like royalty. Perfect for a family holiday or groups, this intimate resort has only three private villas, each with its own pool. The staff here are second-to-none, and you'll have your own personal butler as well as on-site chefs and nannies ready to help you make the most of every moment. The villas all overlook picture-perfect Diani Beach, stretching five miles in each direction from Alfajiri.
Drone shot of a traditional Maasai village
Drone shot of a traditional Maasai village

Visit a Maasai village

If you want to learn more about Kenya and its culture, then visiting a traditional village is a must, and the Maasai villages are the most popular. There are an estimated 2 million Maasai people across Kenya and Tanzania today, and many tribes welcome visitors to their villages in order to learn more about their culture and traditions.
If you want to visit a Maasai village, you can do so at some of our resorts. When you stay at Mahali Mazuri, you'll be able to visit the local village, learn about daily life and the local customs and even help to milk the cattle or herd the cattle and goats. Visit the local school and meet the Maasai children and their families and learn more about this welcoming and majestic culture.
Mount Kenya Summit
Mount Kenya Summit

Put on your hiking boots

Hiking comes at all levels in Kenya, from simple hikes taking only an hour or two to Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa and access to Mount Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania. And, with over 50 national parks, there is plenty of spectacular scenery to trek through.
One of the country's most popular national parks for both hiking and wildlife encounters is Chyulu Hills. Located in south-eastern Kenya, it's known as the volcano hills due to its dramatic (but still very walkable!) landscape. There are no designated hiking paths here; however, you'll find ample animal pathways to help you explore. One of the highlights of the park is the Kisula Caves, home to the Upper Leviathan Cave, one of the longest in the world.
If you do want to visit Chyulu Hills, then the Ol Donyo Lodge is the perfect resort, nestled within the national park. A member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, Ol Donyo is incredibly impressive. Offering guided safaris by foot, horseback, mountain bike or in a four-wheel drive vehicle, you'll be able to see the amazing wildlife in the area, including elephants, leopards, lions, zebra and more.
Kenya is one of the highlights of Africa, and from the mesmerising wildlife you can see in the Masai Mara National Park to the beautiful beaches along the tropical Indian Ocean, it's an underrated holiday destination.
If we've convinced you to visit, then browse our range of luxury Kenyan holidays to find the ultimate itinerary for you. Alternatively, if you're sold on Africa but want to see what other countries can offer, browse our luxury holidays to Africa, including resorts in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Rwanda, to name a few.
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