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The Best Beaches in Barbados

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15-Nov-2022 Karl Page

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The Best Beaches in Barbados

The turquoise waters and soft sands await...

Barbados, a Caribbean island that is also part of the British Commonwealth is a location that tips the scales when it comes to dream holiday destinations. Swaying palms, private villas, luxury hotels, aquamarine waters and soft, white sand are just some of the sights, smells, and senses you can experience here. But when it comes to Barbados, we can't forget to mention the abundance of outstanding and jaw-dropping beaches that line the coast of the country. We're taking a look at some of the best beaches in Barbados, what makes them so special and why travellers flock to them year after year. With comments from those who have visited Barbados, keep reading to find out more.

The best beaches in Barbados:

  • Bathsheba Beach
  • Crane Beach
  • Heywoods Beach
  • Rockley Beach

Bathsheba Beach

Named after the wife of King David who is said to have found similarities in the milky waters of Bathsheba Beach to the milk baths, she used to use to keep her skin soft, casting a light on the wonders that these waters may have. Situated on the east coast of the country, the beach is easily identified by the large rock formations that have broken away from ancient coral reefs. Suzanne Jones, blogger at The Travel Bunny has visited the beach on multiple occasions and told us a little bit about why she recommends those in the area take a visit:

"Barbados beaches bring images of turquoise waters, soft white powdery sand and palm trees swaying in a gentle breeze. However, head to the East Coast, Atlantic facing side of Barbados and the beaches are rugged, dramatic and wild with a different kind of beauty. One of my favourite Barbados beaches is Bathsheba Beach which is probably the most dramatic of the beaches on the East Coast. Large rock formations, which have broken away from an ancient coral reef, emerge from the sands and huge breakers race into shore. Beautiful Bathsheba beach is one of the best surfing beaches in the Caribbean and is home to the annual 'Soup Bowl' surfing championship."
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach

Often known for being one of the best beaches in the world, Crane Beach is further along the coast from Bathsheba Beach and sits in the south of the country. Blogger and lover of travel Chloe, who is behind the blog Wanderlust Chloe recommended Crane Beach as her favourite beach in Barbados due to it feeling like utter paradise:

"My favourite beach in Barbados is Crane Beach. It's got dramatic cliffs, soft white sand, big waves and those gorgeous turquoise waters you expect in the Caribbean. It definitely makes you feel like you've arrived in paradise, but it's a bit wild at the same time. It's not the best beach for swimming as there are some strong currents. However, it's ideal for brave cliff-jumpers and surfers. I loved watching the waves with a pina colada in my hand! Plus, this beach is close to the small fishing village of Oistins where you'll find the legendary Ositin's Fish Fry every Friday. This is somewhere people gather to eat BBQed fish and seafood while enjoying Caribbean party vibes."

Crane Beach offers a small fishing village vibe where you can get a real sense of what life is like for a local in the area, away from the busy crowds and packed streets.
Crane Beach, Barbados
Crane Beach, Barbados

Heywoods Beach

A location that sits on the north-eastern side of Barbados is Heywoods Beach. A large and quiet beach known for its great swimming and shallow reefs. Heywoods Beach was a recommendation from Sian at the blog Sian Victoria; she explained why she loves this beach, and Barbados:

"With over 80 glorious tropical beaches in Barbados, it's all most impossible to pick a best beach in Barbados. But two beaches that felt extra special to me and always come to mind when I think of my time in Barbados were Bathsheba and Heywoods in Speightstown. A surfer's paradise Bathsheba has a rugged landscape and epic waves crashing against the rock formations, although a little windy and wild I loved how peaceful this corner of the island is to just sit and nature watch. For crystal waters, unique colourful rustic buildings to admire and plenty of food and drink places nearby Heywoods Beach is the place for unwinding and enjoying just some of the best things Barbados has to offer."
Heywoods Beach, Barbados
Heywoods Beach, Barbados

Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach or Accra Beach as it is also known is one of the more popular beaches in Barbados, mainly due to its proximity to Bridgetown. Kitted out for tourists, there is a pool-like area that is protected from the elements making it perfect for children wanting to enjoy a paddle, similarly, there are sun loungers, calm yet exciting waves and shade created by sun-grape trees for the adults looking to enjoy the view and facilities.

There are a plethora of local cafes and restaurants dotted along the seafront that all serve local Caribbean food so you can sit back and relax after a day basking in the warm Barbados sun.
Rockley Beach, Barbados
Rockley Beach, Barbados

Elegant Resort Private Beaches

Don't want to share a beach with the rest of the public? Here at Elegant Resorts, we have a selection of stunning villas that all come with their own private beaches, so you can sit back and relax in peace and quiet knowing you have the beach all to yourself. Find a selection of our favourite private beach villas below!

Leamington Pavilion

St Peter, Barbados

A premier home in a prime location, Leamington Pavilion, Barbados is a gem on the Barbados coast. This magnificent four-bedroom home comes accompanied by a breathtaking terrace, architecture designed by Oliver Messel, private tennis court and swimming pool as well as a beach with its own private walkway and jetty.

Godings Beach House

St Peter, Barbados

Goldings Beach House is a modern luxury villa in St Peter, Barbados. Sitting in contrast to the rest of the traditional style homes in St Peter, Goldings is an exceptional five-bedroom property that comes complete with its own private cinema, gym, yoga pavilion, swimming pool and is situated as close to the beautiful beaches of Barbados as possible.

One Sandy Lane

St James, Barbados

Quite possibly one of the most impressive villas in Barbados, One Sandy Lane, Barbados is the epitome of luxury and truly has to be seen to be believed. Comprising eight five-bedroom properties, you're not going to run out of room in this palatial palace that comes complete with a beautiful beach-side location, sun terrace, golf course, docking for yachts, fitness centre, home cinema and much more.

If you're thinking of heading to Barbados for a luxury spa break or a beach-side holiday, then hopefully this guide has given you a little insight into some of the beaches you should visit. Make sure you check out the rest of our luxury travel blog for more inspirational content and guides!
Karl Page

Karl Page

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