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Thailand for the Solo Traveller

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03-Jun-2024 Laura Curtis

Thailand for the Solo Traveller

Why the wellness wonders of this country make for the ultimate solo retreat...

Considering every aspect of your body, including genetics, mindset and goals, to unlock your full potential, Wellness retreats are highly personalised. Where the day-to-day becomes weighed down with responsibilities that are largely focussed on others, these are an opportunity to remove distractions and embark on your personal journey. Solo travellers are increasingly choosing destinations like Thailand for their wellness escape, as it allows them to place such an important escape in the hands of highly trained experts.

Thailand's history is inherently linked to wellness, with ancient roots in Ayurveda that have become intertwined with modern medicines. For those who are navigating self-care, soul searching and reconnection on their own terms, these are some of Thailand's best wellness retreats for solo travellers.


Amanpuri sets the tone for seclusion immediately, offering peaceful privacy on its own peninsula. The name itself, Amanpuri, translates from Sanskrit to mean 'a place of peace', affording you an escape where you can truly focus on yourself away from distractions.

Shrouded by lush tropical greenery, both the villas and pavilions here guarantee space and seclusion. Complimentary movement classes, watersports and access to wellness facilities introduce you to your personal journey alongside like-minded travellers.

Programmes, like our featured Mindfulness and Stress Management programme, are entirely bespoke to you. A body composition analysis and TCM consultation by a certified medical professional gains insight into your current health, allowing Amanpuri's specialists to provide nutrition and lifestyle advice personalised to you.

Chiva Som

Chiva Som is held in very high regard for its wellness offerings. And rightly so, as what was once a family home is now an icon of Thai wellness.

The property's founder, Boonchu Rojanastien, held on to a motto of "Above all, enjoy your life", which has been integrated into Chiva Som with a focus on reprioritising - putting yourself and your health first.

Our featured Chiva-Som wellness package allows you to maximise the health benefits of this exceptional experience. Tailored to your journey towards fulfillment, you will with your Health and Wellness Advisor to choose the details of your stay so that you get the most out of it. No matter whether your goal is to detox, refresh or relax, the Taste of Chiva-Som programme is designed entirely around you.
Lakeside Relaxation

COMO Point Yamu

Sitting on the tip of Cape Yamu on the quieter east coast peninsula of Phuket, and styled for a modern and playful ambience, COMO Point Yamu encourages guests to look (and live) on the brighter side of life.

The wellness retreat at this property, COMO Shambhala Retreat, is centred on the pursuit of balance. Modern science is paired with ancient practices and treatments are designed to align mind, body and spirit.

The balance that makes this stay a slice of heaven for wellness-seeking solo travellers though, is that of its list of treatments and the daily schedule of activities. All allow you to focus on yourself, but the diversity grants you both personal time with private treatments as well as group sessions with like-minded individuals.
Swimming Pool

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Kamalaya Koh Samui's goal is to be a place where we can reconnect with ourselves away from the effects of modern life. And not just escape for the short while of their stay - this retreat offers life-enhancing skills for long-term improvement.

Affording a personal journey, Kamalaya promises flexible and custom programmes that are each designed for your desired outcomes. You can choose from a whole host of programmes as your starting point or take the consultation if you would like help choosing what goal best aligns with your needs. Then your programme will be tailored even further, from how long you stay to the selected treatments.
Spa Treatment

RAKxa Integrative Wellness

RAKxa Integrative Wellness is an adults-only wellness retreat that may only be a short journey from the city but seems to be worlds away from the stresses of ordinary life. Its connectivity to the city makes it ideal for solo travellers, and the teams at RAKxa have done all the collaborative work in the creation of their treatments so that you can find however much refuge you desire.

Each individual guest is at the heart of their own experience, and whilst programmes are created for specific purposes, each will give you a comprehensive wellness experience to help you maintain your wellbeing long after you return home.

With its signature approach, RAKxa's Integrative Diagnostics go beyond the surface to unlock your body's unique story. In-depth tests across multiple areas of health form the foundations of your personalised plan, which is comprised of both medical and holistic treatments.
Spa Interior
Amazing Thailand
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