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Rediscover Thailand

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25-Oct-2021 Lou Fox

Rediscover Thailand

Why not try something new on your next luxury Thailand holiday?

No longer on the UK's red list, and with many of its wonderful destinations welcoming back international visitors, it's (finally) time to return to Thailand on a luxury holiday. From dynamic cities and breathtaking ancient temples, to world-class wellness retreats and wildlife filled jungles, there's never been a better time to rediscover all that Thailand has to offer. Stay in style with a range of luxury hotels throughout the country and enjoy immersing yourself back into the country renowned for its hospitality and warm welcome. With so much on offer, where should you start?

Rediscover... Beautiful Beaches

Known around the world for their beauty, Thailand's picturesque beaches boast soft white sands, clear and calm waters, and cooling sea breezes. Trust the tiny islands of the Thai archipelago to present you with an unscathed, idyllic beach, perfect for spending your time enjoying the diverse marine life with snorkel gear or watching the sun disappear beyond the horizon. Some of the most well-known Thai beaches are in Phuket, but you'll find plenty of beaches with sufficient space to swim, snorkel, and bask in the sun with remote islands and marine national parks across the country. Dotted with a wealth of high class and family friendly resorts, the beaches are just the first reason your next trip should be a luxury Thailand holiday.
Beautiful beach
Beautiful Thai beach

Rediscover... Thai Flavours

Thai cuisine is a huge part of any visit to Thailand, and just like the country itself, it's incredibly diverse. Social and convivial dining has a strong cultural importance and a typical Thai meal includes five fundamental flavours - salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy - along with exquisite plating and a chance to catch up with loved ones!
Stay at the super chic Rosewood Phuket and enjoy simple and authentic dishes based around the freshest seafood, with the delicious menu at their Ta Khai Restaurant inspired by the local fishermen's daily catch and the married chefs' extensive knowledge of old southern Thai recipes. This stunning resort also offers thrilling and immersive cooking classes, where dedicated chefs can teach you every aspect of cooking (and tasting!) traditional Thai dishes.
Ta Khai Restaurant at Rosewood Phuket
Ta Khai Restaurant at Rosewood Phuket

Rediscover... Wildlife Encounters

From the magnificent Asian elephant to the miniscule scale-clad pangolin, there's no shortage of incredible wildlife to encounter on your luxury Thailand holiday. Considered one of Southeast Asia's foremost destinations when it comes to ethical wildlife tourism, this enchanting country offers a wealth of wildlife reserves and guided excursions where you can meet the incredible local animals.
Set in western Thailand, in the charming Khao Sok National Park, Elephant Hills is the ideal luxury holiday destination for a sustainable wildlife encounter. This unique luxury camp offers you the chance to feed and interact with Asia's largest land animals in an untouched environment, all while enjoying comfortable accommodation, exciting activities, and delicious meals, as well as the services of an English speaking, fully trained tour guide. Aside from wildlife excursions, the camp runs an incredible Elephant Conservation Project, which aims to spread awareness and contributes to helping keep wild populations safe. Actions include donating essential equipment to local elephant hospitals, and planting trees to aid animals in Thailand's national parks, whilst always respecting the precious environment through offering reusable water bottles and fill-up stations.
Elephant experience at Elephant Hills
Elephant experience at Elephant Hills

Rediscover... Sustainable Travel

With eco-tourism on the rise, it's becoming increasingly easy to discover beautiful and luxurious, environmentally friendly travel options. Nestled within a lush tropical rainforest on an unspoilt isle in the Thai archipelago, Soneva Kiri is one of Thailand's leading luxury sustainable hotels. With a keen focus on sustainability and restoration, every single aspect of the resort is considered (from the recycling programme to food sourcing) and it's their aim to protect the stunning island haven and create bespoke experiences for their guests. Soneva Kiri is carbon negative, and the dedicated team strive to set the benchmark for responsible tourism in all that they offer, from working to plant over 500,000 native trees in the Chiang Mai Region of Thailand, to ensuring your stay is as luxurious as it is sustainable. You're sure to love this island paradise.
Gardens at Soneva Kiri
Gardens at Soneva Kiri

Rediscover... Transformative Wellness

Whether you're staying in the lively city of Bangkok, in the heart of the northern jungles, or along one of the many beaches, you'll never be far from a soothing spa whilst in Thailand. As a world-renowned spa holiday destination, authentic Thai massages and rejuvenating local ingredients can be found at most luxury resorts throughout the country, with many incorporating traditional Thai healing traditions and products that embrace the natural bounty of the country. Located on a private Phuket peninsula overlooking the Andaman Sea, Amanpuri offers top-class traditional and holistic spa experiences at their luxurious Aman Spa. Allow the team of dedicated therapists help you on your wellness journey with a gentle and natural approach to healing, with a range of bespoke immersions, designed to leave you completely relaxed and refreshed. With adaptable wellness programmes that can be tailored to meet your own personal goals and unparalleled scenery, why go anywhere else for a luxury spa escape?
Spa treatments at Amanpuri
Spa treatments at Amanpuri

Rediscover... Rich Culture

With a growing population of over 68 million people, Thailand boasts a rich and diverse culture made up of a wide range of influences. Steeped in rich traditions and spirituality, 'The Land of Smiles' has long impressed visitors with its vibrant night bazaars, remarkable rural temples, and infallible hospitality.
Located just steps away from Bangkok's popular riverfront, the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River can offer you an ideal hub for exploring the thriving city. Spend the day winding through the streets finding hidden gems throughout Thailand's cultural and commercial centre, locating The Golden Buddha (made from five and a half tones of pure gold!), enjoying a floating tour at Amphawa, or setting a slower pace admiring the grand interiors of the Erawan Museum. No matter your style, you're sure to enjoy a unique cultural experience during your luxury Thailand holiday.
Wat Arun, Bangkok
Wat Arun, Bangkok

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