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New Adventures Are on the Horizon with Explora Journeys

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05-Dec-2023 Lou Fox

New Adventures Are on the Horizon with Explora Journeys

Discover the Ocean State of Mind...

With more than 300 years of seafaring history and a deeper understanding of luxury experiences, Explora Journeys elegantly curates a journey of connections. Inviting you into a world of discovery, the cruise line is transforming ocean travel through chic ships and immersive itineraries around the world. Expect explorations of the Caribbean's picture-perfect beaches, first-hand experiences with the rich history of the Mediterranean, delicious flavours and culinary traditions of the Arabian Peninsula and much more.
As a luxury ocean experience that doesn't just take you to extraordinary places but fully immerses you in them, Explora Journeys' Destination Experiences are like nothing else. With a focus on exclusive and intimate encounters, you will explore the world through once-in-a-lifetime helicopter flights, authentic workshops and cultural must-dos.

Launching Luxury at Sea

Explora Journeys presents a fleet of sophistication, embodied by its first two vessels: the newly launched EXPLORA I and the eagerly anticipated EXPLORA II.
From spacious public spaces that redefine opulent living to a unique wellness concept that helps you achieve the Ocean State of Mind, these ships are crafted for luxury lovers. The onboard experience boasts a relaxed style, allowing guests to savour every moment. Spacious suites are designed to offer a luxurious home-away-from-home, where private terraces offer incredible views and the luxury lifestyle brand's foundations as a family-owned company translate into thoughtful details like a Champagne welcome. In its quest for excellence, Explora Journeys combines centuries-old seafaring experience with European refinement and leaves no stone unturned.
Chic Pools
Attentive Service

Where Luxury Meets Family

Explora Journeys is not just for couples or solo travellers seeking a luxurious escape; it's also an ideal choice for families. The brand's spacious suites and connecting cabins are perfect for accommodating families of all sizes, while the onboard amenities are designed to keep everyone entertained and engaged as you explore the world together in unparalleled style.
Children will love the dedicated kids' club, Nautilus Club for guests aged 6 to 17, which offers a variety of activities and programmes to keep them occupied, while parents can enjoy some peace and quiet in the adults-only areas. And when everyone wants to spend time together, there are plenty of Destination Experiences and family-friendly activities to enjoy, such as movie nights, poolside games, and even culinary workshops.
The cruise line's attentive staff is always ready to assist with any requests, from arranging engaging activities for children to recommending kid-approved shore excursions. Whether it's splashing around in the pool, exploring the ship's enriching educational programmes or indulging in a family game night, Explora Journeys provides ample opportunities for families to bond and create lasting memories.
Nautilus Club

Charting a Course for The Future

But the story doesn't end here. Explora Journeys is committed to shaping the future of luxury cruising. With the highly anticipated launch of EXPLORA II on the horizon, Explora Journeys has set ambitious goals for its fleet expansion. By 2028, this illustrious lifestyle brand aims to introduce a total of six ships into its exquisite collection, with the promise of even more unmissable journeys on the horizon.
This expansion will allow the cruise line to offer even more unmissable journeys to its passengers. Explora Journeys is known for its exquisite collection of ships, which are designed to provide the ultimate luxury experience. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of its operations, and with the launch of EXPLORA II and the expansion of its fleet, Explora Journeys is poised to become one of the leading luxury cruise lines in the world.
Explora I Exterior
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