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My Truly Australian Experience

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02-Dec-2022 Anna Northeast

My Truly Australian Experience

Off the beaten track is the place to be when it comes to Australian adventures...

Well, what can I say about One&Only Wolgan Valley? It truly has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. My visit earlier this year went above and beyond expectations of Australia, with incredible encounters, spectacular scenery and sublime food that was all included in my stay.

Unforgettable Views

I had the exciting opportunity to stay at One&Only Wolgan Valley which is less than 3 hours from Sydney by private car transfer, yet feels like a world away from the bustle of the city. I felt the benefit of the slightly longer drive as it took me through the legendary site of the Blue Mountains, where the dramatic views were just the tip of the iceberg of what I was to experience during my stay once I arrived at the tranquil valley resort.
During my stay, I woke up early to take to one of the many walking trails in the UNESCO World Heritage region which was known for its wildlife. As I walked through, I was treated to absolutely amazing views; the pictures I took just didn't do it justice and in the end, I just put my phone away and enjoyed the moment. That morning it was simply me, the view, the kangaroos and a calm and stillness that felt like true Australia. After the business of Sydney, this was the place to simply 'be' to just breathe and feel connected to your surroundings.
Large mountains to the left and continuing in the background, with large fields in front. Clouds in a blue sky as the sun rises
View from pool over mountainous landscapes through large spa windows
Three-Bedroom Wolgan Villa

Wildlife Encounters

Despite being just a drive away from Sydney, One&Only Wolgan Valley has a whole different feel as a quiet resort within its own incredible wildlife and conservation reserve. The air is clear, the welcome is warm and the kangaroos, well, if this is your first kangaroo experience, you'll be spoilt beyond belief.
Being surrounded by such incredible nature, I was lucky enough to have a number of wildlife sightings throughout my stay, and each one was as unforgettable as the next. Of course, I was able to explore the nearby wildlife trails, but the resort itself provided some absolutely remarkable sights and activities. Some of the standout moments during my stay were getting to see the kangaroos roam freely in the gardens and spotlighting for possums and wombats in the dark after dinner!
Kangaroo in middle of shot, with brown field around it

Immersive Accommodation

The rooms are freestanding suites which made my stay feel extra special, with my own private space completed with a private pool. It was the promise of the exciting day ahead that had me dragging myself out of my four-poster bed!
There were so many activities to try out: wildlife spotting horse riding, hiking, yoga and learning about the amazing conservation work they do here. The Guides are full of passion, knowledge and humour! Children would love the Junior Rangers club, which is packed with exciting and educational activities for 5-10 year olds, and mum and dad get a little time to themselves knowing the kids are well looked after.
Come on your own, as a couple or as a family and you will find something to suit. If it's warm - get up early, enjoy the activities before it gets too warm then take to the pool for an afternoon of relaxation. In the chillier months take a dip in your heated indoor plunge pool, curl up by the fire and stay cosy. I think what guests love so much about this special hotel is being fully immersed in Australia.

"This was the place to simply 'be', to just breathe and feel connected to your surroundings".

One&Only Wolgan Valley is proof that if you venture a little further beyond the norm, the tourist hot spots and the city, you will be rewarded by an unforgettable and very special experience. Did I mention the kangaroos?
Anna Northeast

Anna Northeast

I began my travel career more than 24 years ago as an Australia and New Zealand luxury travel specialist and sharing my travel experiences is my passion. I was so lucky to be able to travel more and more in these beautiful areas and I'm on-hand to help you plan your next adventure.

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