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My Top 4 Things to Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

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05-Jul-2023 Emma Islip

My Top 4 Things to Do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Must visits for your travel itinerary!

Surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea lies the stunning city of Dubrovnik, a breathtaking destination that provided me with a purely unforgettable experience.
From indulging in the local gastronomy to witnessing the most magnificent panoramic views from the heights of the medieval walls, my Dubrovnik city break certainly left me with lifelong memories.

With so much to discover, here's my top 4 things to do in Dubrovnik, that should be added to your trip!


Boasting a reputation as one of the best-preserved Medieval cities in Europe, exploring Dubrovnik's rich history was right at the top of my to-do list. I began with a private walking tour of the city's historical highlights, including the 15th century Franciscan Church and Monastery. Immersing myself in the peace and serenity of this historical location, I was intrigued by the ornate works of art lining the walls and relics dating back to the 11th century.
Wandering through the Old Town's maze of winding cobbled streets and Renaissance architecture, the local guide provided an insight into the ancient tales and culture of this vibrant destination; I felt transported back to a time when Dubrovnik, was famed for being one of the world's most prosperous port cities.
After a short but scenic cable car ride to Fort Imperial at the top of Mount Srd, I was left in awe of the city's terracotta rooftops and the vast expanse of clear blue ocean before me. My visit to the museum here also provided me with a glimpse into Croatia's War of Independence and the importance of the Fort in defending Dubrovnik.
Cable car in Dubrovnik
Cable car in Dubrovnik


An exclusive sunset kayaking excursion was one of the many stand-out highlights of my trip. It left me with magical memories of the golden sun glistening on the surface of the sea as I explored the wonders of the caves, coves, and beaches.
The tour continued with an exhilarating cliff dive into the turquoise waters, followed by snorkelling at Copacabana Beach where I had the opportunity to witness an abundance of marine life. After such a thrilling evening, I settled down with a refreshing glass of local wine that was included in the experience and tucked into a fresh seafood platter while enjoying the warm glow of the setting sun.
My holiday would not have been complete without a day trip from Dubrovnik to the picturesque Elaphiti Islands. A relaxing yacht cruise took me to the famous Odysseus cave on the southern coast of Mljet, a landmark renowned for its deep affiliations to Greek mythology and the charming legend of the love story between Odysseus and the nymph Calypso.
After a delicious three course lunch, the next stop included snorkelling in the Blue and Green Caves on Kolocep island. Once inside, I was enchanted by the fluorescent hues of turquoise and the golden beams of sunlight that reflected against the white seabed. The Caves are an iconic location thanks to their stunning natural beauty, and an absolute must-do experience on a luxury Dubrovnik holiday.
Cave over blue water
Cave over blue water


The traditional cuisine of Dubrovnik is recognised for its use of quality ingredients in the most flavoursome dishes. The city is particularly renowned for its seafood dishes, incorporating fresh produce directly sourced from the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. For those who enjoy fine dining, I would certainly recommend a visit to the Michelin Star Restaurant Nautika.
During my visit here, I indulged in the most exquisitely prepared lobster dish while enjoying the relaxing ambience and the breath-taking scenes from the terrace. The unmatched level of service and attention to detail created a truly exceptional experience, the perfect addition to any luxury holiday.
For those seeking an authentic Croatian dining experience, a visit to Ragusa 2 is essential. Serving Croatian and Dalmation cuisine, I took the opportunity to try Rozata, a delicious traditional dessert made from eggs, milk, and sugar, lathered in caramel. The delicate sweetness of this dish certainly satisfied my sweet tooth!
My gastronomical journey continued with a food tour through city walls and winding streets of the Old Town. The first stop included a visit to a family-run restaurant serving traditional Dubrovnik dishes. I ventured far from my comfort zone and thoroughly enjoyed some Black Risotto, acquiring its name from the dark squid ink used to enhance the flavour.
As I savoured each complementary sample, the local guide provided an insight into Dubrovnik's culinary heritage and the origins of each unique dish. The tour ended with a visit to a gelato shop where I indulged in some refreshing homemade gelato, a sweet relief from the heat.
Seafood dish
Seafood dish
Restaurant sea view
Restaurant sea view


Used as the filming location for 'Game of Thrones', 'Robin Hood' 'Succession' and 'Star Wars - The Last Jedi', Dubrovnik is the perfect destination for film enthusiasts. Being a fan myself, my trip would not have been complete without a guided tour of all the essential Game of Thrones filming spots.
The Game of Thrones tour began in the Old Town which featured as the King's Landing and Stradun, the main street also used for the filming of Robin Hood and Star Wars. Keen to seek out other notable Game of Thrones locations, a short boat ride to Fort Lovrijenac, used in the film as the residence of the King of Andals, and a visit to Pile Gate transported me back to some of my favourite scenes.
I was also intrigued to learn about the Fort Lovrijenac's fascinating history as Dubrovnik's main line of defence against Venetian attacks in the 11th century, not to mention the magnificent views from this imposing structure.
View of Dubrovnik
View of Dubrovnik
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