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Kelly Hoppen Talks Style On Celebrity Edge

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Laura Jones

Set sail with us as we chat to Kelly Hoppen MBE about her designer vision for Celebrity Edge...

The one of the most recent addition to Celebrity Cruises' fleet of luxury cruise ships, this super-modern ocean vessel has serious style-stakes, thanks to Kelly Hoppen-designed interiors, breaking the mould of what we expect when we embark on a cruise.
The fashionable interiors of Celebrity Edge are drawing the attention of those who, perhaps, may not usually choose a cruise, enticing in a new crowd with a fresh new feel and an abundance of space. Throughout the ship's design process, Kelly's eye for immaculate interiors led the way. From the all-new Edge Villas, which feature two-levels of sumptuous living areas, to The Retreat, a sun-soaked pool area exclusive for suite-class guests, the entire ship must be seen to be appreciated. We spoke to Kelly about what sets this new super-chic ship apart from the rest and how travel inspires her in design and in life:

Why do you think Celebrity Edge and yourself make such a good partnership?


From the moment we met years ago and started to discuss the project, we quickly realised that our goals and visions were aligned. We wanted to create a new experience for the cruise industry that would push all boundaries and without limitations. Both the Celebrity Cruises' team and I are passionate, authentic and believe in perfection. Together, that creates harmony within design and a project.

What was your inspiration behind the rooms you designed for Celebrity Edge?


It always boils down to travel for me, it is always my main source of inspiration. I have had the pleasure of travelling and working all over the world and have over 40 years' worth of inspiration banked in my mind. So, when I was tasked with designing something which had to have wide appeal and fit in every setting - whether that be Ibiza or Rome or the Caribbean Islands - I dug deep to find neutral and calming spaces that oozed timeless luxury.

Celebrity Edge in three words? 'Redefining', 'luxurious' and 'timeless'.

What do you think is the secret to designing a luxurious living space?


I don't think there is a secret, just skill, experience and understanding. I do think the most vital part of designing anything luxurious is understanding the space that you have to work within. You need to be able to execute designs that will fit within brief. It is learning the balance between beautiful and functional.

How did you incorporate your signature interior style into cruise ship functionality?


Functionality is all about durability; sound, weight and many other elements. When we were matching the design to the functionality, we had an amazing team to help manage and secure what we wanted without compromising on style or design.

Celebrity Edge is set to be the future of luxury ocean cruising. What do you think sets it apart from the rest?


Everything. It truly is the first of its kind and is the definition of timeless luxury. The sheer space that people will have on board is unbelievable. Celebrity Edge will be a cut above the rest when it comes to a ship that will sail the seas across the world. It is strong, beautiful and unstoppable in terms of breaking boundaries.

The split-level Edge Villas are a unique addition to the ship. What kind of new experience do you think they bring to cruising?


A wonderful one! They bring new dimensions to accommodation that has never been seen before. Rooms on board have often been a place to sleep at night, but now with the Edge Villa you will find people wanting to spend time in their accommodation, sitting in the Jacuzzi, watching the world go by or lounging in their living area. Your accommodation is very much part of the experience now, not just a room to sleep in.

Your interior designs are often characterised by an eastern influence. What draws you to the look and feel of Asia?


Everything. Its simplicity and authenticity really appeals to me. The traditional colours and textures are inspirational and the way they are able to mix that with modern western design is something quite unique.

Where would your dream cruise take you?


At this very moment, I could do a break somewhere in the Caribbean, but if I was honest, any of the destinations that Celebrity Edge will be sailing to, I wouldn't deny. Each one is unique, a different journey to explore. Travelling is so important to me, to my work, my inspiration and just my day-to-day life. I have some exciting trips planned for next year which I'm really looking forward to.

How do you make sure you always travel in style?


I always have control when deciding and booking a holiday. I spend time researching and listening to recommendations and then pick! I work super hard, so my holidays are vital. I like to be pampered and always like to travel to different places. It is important to explore and find new places.

Do you have any tips or advice for helping our readers style up their living space at home?


Take your time - don't rush things. People always see something they like and then rush into doing it. That could be painting a wall or buying a new piece of furniture or art, sometimes it could be ripping it out and starting again, but whatever it is, always take your time. Samples of fabrics and paints, mood boards, Pinterest boards - these are all things that can really help make the right decisions.

Laura Jones

Digital Content Executive

From my home in picturesque North Wales, my travels have taken me from the idyllic Greek Islands to the bright lights of New York - always with a very full suitcase, of course!

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