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Is This the Most Popular Destination of the Summer?

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28-Jun-2023 Laura Curtis

Is This the Most Popular Destination of the Summer?

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Catching the eyes and capturing the hearts of discerning travellers, Greece has become this summer's latest sensation. Home to the birth of Western civilisation, epic mythological tales and sublime settings, Greece is emerging as the go-to destination for those seeking island opulence or an enthralling city break. But why is Greece such a hot trend in luxury travel right now? And why should you consider adding it to your bucket list?

It's Diversity

Greece offers a remarkable diversity that makes it such a wide appealing destination. From historical wonders in ancient cities to stunning natural landscapes and vibrant culture, everyone has Greece on their bucket list for a wide array of reasons. Whether you're fancying a short city break filled with museums and sites, or one or two weeks by the beach in absolute privacy, Greece does it all.
Each island has its own feel and atmosphere, from the romance of Santorini, the opulent new openings on Corfu or the vibrancy of Mykonos; so you're sure to find one for you. But if you fancy a taste of it all, Greek island hopping around the Aegean and Ionian Seas a popular choice too!

It's Ease

Offering plenty of choice for flights, and all blissfully short haul, both mainland Greece and its islands are all so easy to reach. Whilst you can go all-out and pack your days with exciting and meticulously planned itineraries, Greece's accessibility has also made it a firm favourite for fly and flop travellers and last-minute bookers. You can be dreaming of the Grecian shores one minute and packing your suitcase the next!

It's Accommodation

There's a home-away-from-home for everyone in Greece, with a huge choice of properties. From standalone villas that are perfect for the increasingly popular multi-gen holiday, to boutique gem hideaways that are perfect for an intimate stay, there's something for each and every type of holiday. And of course, the resorts and resort villas promise their staple space, facilities and service. Not to mention, many accommodations have private pools or beach access!

It's Experiences

Greece offers more than just relaxation and comfort. It's authentic experiences will take you into the heart of the country, and will have you coming back again and again. Take a private yacht cruise around the Greek islands, discover ancient archaeological sites with an expert guide, enjoy the country's famous sunsets accompanied by music and wine, explore the fragrant olive groves or even start your wellness journey. The popularity of Greece has largely come from its ability to create memories that will last a lifetime.

My Grecian Getaway

- Sophie Jones, Product Manager

"This was my first visit to Zakynthos and I was taken back by how luscious the island is. Having opened just last year, Lesante Cape is super modern and an amazing place to unwind. It's village-style layout gives it a really authentic Greek feel and you can wander the manicured gardens and take in the vineyard. The cuisine was a real highlight, especially the fine dining restaurant Fiore with its panoramic views towards Kefalonia, and the pool bar with its adorable rope swing seating."
Swimming in the crystal clear water

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