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How to Entertain Children on a Long-Haul Flight

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19-Mar-2023 Karl Page

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How to Entertain Children on a Long-Haul Flight

Preparing to take a long-haul flight with your little ones?

Long-haul flights can be daunting prospects for grown-ups, but what happens when you've got little ones also taking the trip? Luckily, there are some valuable tips and tricks you can employ to make the process smoother and a more enjoyable experience.

If you are planning a luxury holiday for your family but are worried about the flight, read on to learn more.

  • Ensure they're comfortable
  • Consider the time of day you'll be flying
  • Pack a creative activity
  • Bring your own films and TV shows
  • Load up on their favourite snacks
  • Bring a book about your holiday destination

Ensure They're Comfortable

If you're on a long-haul flight, comfort can be vital to making the experience a relaxing one. Although it can be nice to get dressed up for your big holiday, try and ensure that your little ones are in their most comfortable clothes - you could even opt for their pyjamas! If you're on a long enough flight, encouraging a nap is a great idea, and one way to help them do this is to bring a blanket for them to relax under.

If you are travelling to another climate where different clothes are needed, it can be worth packing a bag of clothes to change into either just before you disembark the plane or before travelling to your accommodation.

Consider the Time of Day You'll Be Flying

It's well worth considering the time of day you'll be flying, as this can affect your child's energy levels whilst flying. Looking to book an overnight flight can be great and mean that your child is more likely to sleep the time away rather than need entertaining. However, for some, this might not be convenient.

As well as considering the flight time, you should consider how you'll get from the airport your accommodation, and vice versa. Booking a morning flight to get you to your accommodation sooner can be great, but it can also mean having to wake your little ones up early to start the trip and making them more tired and more irritable.

Pack a Creative Activity

Creative activities are a great way to pass the time, so packing a few options in your hand luggage can be a brilliant idea. We would say steer well clear of any messy activities; you don't want to land and have to clean up paint before heading off to your luxury family hotel.

Consider bringing a colouring book, pencils, paper, sticker books, and more to keep them occupied. You could ask them to draw what they think their holiday destination will look like, the view from the plane if they have a window seat, or even the plane itself!

Bring Your Own Films and TV Shows

Kicking back and enjoying a film or TV show on a long-haul flight is one of the best ways to pass the time, but those with kids will know that you can't just put anything on to keep their attention. Many little ones have favourite shows and films they'll watch repeatedly and not want to sway from. If this is the case for your child, preloading a tablet or your phone with an offline version of their favourite can be a great backup, especially if you struggle to find something on the in-flight entertainment.

Load Up on Their Favourite Snacks

The best way to keep children quiet can often be giving them snacks, and although we try to avoid this at home, when you're going on holiday it can be both a nice treat and a useful exception. Bring some of their favourite sweets, fresh fruit, crisps and more to let them munch throughout the trip.

For extra-long flights, you could offer a one-snack-an-hour system - this can be a great way to encourage them to read the time if they're learning and to break the journey up. This can also stop them from eating all the snacks before you even take off!

Bring a Book About Your Holiday Destination

One great thing to pack can be a book, but one of the best ways to make it holiday-related is to bring a book based on the destination you're visiting. Especially when you're visiting a new destination they've never visited, it can help them learn about the culture and place they'll be going to. You could even ask them for recommendations on what to do when you visit!
Enjoying a luxury family holiday can be an amazing experience, allowing you to create shared memories, ignite a passion in little ones for travel and to see more of our amazing planet. And, whether you want to head to the far-flung shores of Australasia or take in the big cities of the USA, we can help you book your dream holiday.

If you want more travel advice, our luxury travel magazine has plenty of useful articles, destination advice and first-hand holiday stories from fellow travellers.
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