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Healthy Holidays: Five Fitness Pursuits at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

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29-Mar-2021 Amy Henderson

Healthy Holidays: Five Fitness Pursuits at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui

Pulse-pumping luxury...

Secluded, stylish and sustainable, this understatedly elegant luxury Koh Samui hotel nestles in a natural amphitheatre overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. While seriously serene, the resort also promises plenty to keep fitness-fanatics on their feet...

1. Master the Art of Muay Thai

A discipline that dates way back to the mid-18th century, Muay Thai was devised as a method of self-defence by Thai warriors, and is now the country's national sport. Referred to as the Art of Eight Limbs, it focuses on eight points of contact, as opposed to four in many other combat sports. At Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, the brilliant Bill Bensley-designed Muay Thai training ring invites you to channel your inner warrior for a seriously intense and super-fun one-to-one workout, guided by the resort's in-house expert Anuphong Deesamer. But this is no ordinary ring - as you challenge your opponent, it's difficult not to notice the gorgeous Gulf of Thailand views. Plus, what better way to reward all your hard work than with a post-workout Thai massage at the fabulous Four Seasons Spa?
Muay Thai
Muay Thai Ring

2. Breathe Deep

In today's fast-paced world, taking your eyes off the clock is a true luxury. For a slower paced pursuit that improves your strength, balance and flexibility, yoga is the perfect choice. No matter whether sunrise, sunset or somewhere in between, join an expert instructor for a private session at the fabulous, freestanding pavilion, learning the art of yoga while shading from the Thai sunshine. Get ready to breathe properly, strengthen your body, rebalance your nervous system and find your inner calm.

3. Enjoy Cardio with a View

If you want to work up a sweat while soaking up some stunning scenery, the resort offers an ultra-fun fitness challenge named the Koh Samui K2 Run. Starting at the picturesque private beach, this testing route takes you all the way up to the very highest point of the resort, the Arrival Sala. Set at 400 feet (or 120 metres) above sea level, the dazzling views are more than worth the cardio hit. In fact, several guests have returned to the resort to challenge their previous time, and it can get quite competitive between those who run regularly... especially when there's only a matter of seconds between them!
Koh Samui K2 Run
Koh Samui K2 Run

4. Play Ball

For a touch of healthy competition beneath the Koh Samui rays, there's an array of activities you can choose from. On the soft sands of the private beach, (complimentary) options include beach volleyball, football, table-tennis, coconut petanque and takraw (kick volleyball with a rattan ball), allowing you to make family memories or meet new friends with a dose of rivalry. If tennis is more your thing, there are two top-class turf courts available, with experts on-hand to help should you need it.

5. Take to the Gulf of Thailand

With the resort's utterly unbeatable location overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, it's unsurprising that the water-based adventures here are abundant. A great way to keep fit without even realising it, snorkelling over the reef invites you to discover the dream-like habitat beneath the waves. For an insight into the resort's Coral Conservation Project and an expert commentary on the marine wildlife, why not enjoy a guided snorkel alongside the resident marine biologist Khun Benji?

Other (complimentary) ways to get your on-the-water exercise include kayaking, paddle boarding and body boarding, and the friendly Four Seasons beach team are always happy to recommend the best spots to explore along the coast. For marine fitness a little further afield, hop aboard the resort's luxury yacht and take to the turquoise waters of Angthong National Marine Park, admiring the deserted beaches, rainforest-fringed islands and magical marine life as you snorkel in complete paradise.
Yacht in Angthong National Marine Park
Yacht in Angthong National Marine Park
Amy Henderson

Amy Henderson


From driving along the sun-kissed California coast and whale watching in Canada, to swimming with turtles in Barbados, cookery classes in Oman and touring temples in Thailand, I've enjoyed some amazing experiences around the world. With a genuine love for all things travel, I can't think of anything I'd rather do than research, experience and share incredible destinations, luxury hotels and bespoke adventures.

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